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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Phase change materials

Enjoy less mess and better long-term thermal performance than grease with pre-applied, dry phase change materials. 
Phase change materials being applied to an electronics board
A roll of uncut as well as cut pieces of phase change materials.

Find phase change materials

Discover the full range of phase change material products available from Henkel. These include adhesive and non-adhesive options, film or fiberglass carriers for electrical isolation, tabbed parts, die-cut parts, sheets, bulk rolls, printable or dispensable paste options. Custom options are also available to suit your needs.

Less mess and better long term thermal performance

Thermal phase change materials are comparable to thermal grease, they melt and solidify as they absorb and release heat. These materials are excellent as they enable a much cleaner process compared to thermal grease. Watch the video for more details on the qualities and benefits of phase change materials.
An electronics module assembled with phase change materials

What are phase change materials?

Phase change material products replace grease as the interface between power devices and heat sinks to provide effective thermal performance in components. LOCTITE® dispensable and printable phase change thermal compounds create a significantly thinner bondline and lower thermal resistance when compared to other formats.

The no-mess thixotropic characteristics keep phase change material products from flowing out of the interface, simplifying handling and providing a non-tacky material at room temperature.

LOCTITE® Bergquist® thermal interface material phase change products can be integrated into a fully automated process, giving customers fast and flexible processing for mass production and high throughput.

Why use Henkel phase change materials?

Henkel is a world-leading phase change material supplier. LOCTITE® Bergquist® dispensable and printable phase change thermal compounds give you better long-term thermal performance, with less mess.

Our phase change materials react faster to a change in temperature than greases and pastes, changing from a solid to a flowable material to efficiently release and absorb heat for better dissipation and stronger thermal performance.

Save time and money in your manufacturing processes when you choose phase change materials as an alternative to thermal grease.

An electronics chip being applied with phase change materials

Why choose phase change materials?

No mess

No mess thixotropic characteristics of the materials keep it from flowing out of the interface.

Easier handling

Being tackified or tack-free at room temperature leads to easier handling.

No protective liner

No protective liner required with HI-FLOW products.

Ensures CPU reliability

High thermal performance helps ensure CPU reliability.

No contaminants

Does not attract contaminants in assembly.

Simple material processing

Easier material handling, shipping, and processing.

Automation ready

Simplified application that can be easily automated.

Choosing a phase change material

LOCTITE® Bergquist® phase change materials can be used across many electronic applications and industries. Explore all our phase change materials and find the one that is right for your application.

Phase change materials in several different sizes.
Phase change materials being applied to a high power application

Explore applications

HI-FLOW products and other LOCTITE® Bergquist® thermal grease alternatives suit various applications. From consumer electronics and automotive manufacturing to medical and aerospace, find phase change materials to improve thermal performance in tasks including:

  • UPS and SMPS AC/DC, DC/DC or linear power supplies
  • Between a CPU and heatsink
  • Power conversion devices
  • Fractional and integral motor control
  • Leaded, surface mount, and power modules
  • In applications using clips and screws, where constant clamp load can be relied upon to ensure steady, constant contact between the phase change material and the component.


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