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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Phase change materials


Printable paste - low thermal impedance

Non-silicone, medium dry, thermally conductive phase change material designed for high power electrical devices e.g. in power modules. Custom printable, high reliability, low thermal impedance.

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 LOCTITE® TCP 4000 PM is a thermally conductive phase change material with enhanced performance and reliability - used for high power density application on electrical devices. It applies with the ease of a thermal grease, is reworkable and repeatable. This product can be applied using stencil, screen print, or manually and is supplied in cartridges. Other packaging is available upon request.

For information on UL certifications for our Thermal Management Materials Portfolio, please reference to UL file No. E59150.

Phase change temperature:

45.0 °C

Shelf life:

1.0 yr.

Storage temperature:

8.0 °C - 28.0 °C

Thermal conductivity:

3.4 W/mK

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