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Phase change materials


Easy-to-use tabulated pad

A naturally tacky, unreinforced thermally conductive phase change material designed for electronic power devices such as a processor lid or die to a heat sink. No spill, no mess, high reliability.

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Part no. (SKU/IDH) 2198387
BERGQUIST® HI FLOW THF 3000UT, 4″x4″ dimension, 0.005" thickness

Thickness Please make your selection 0.005″



 BERGQUIST® HI FLOW THF 3000UT is a thermally conductive 52°C phase change material that comes in a tabulated pad form for ease of assembly. This product is designed with a phase change softening feature for improved handling prior to assembly. Very low thermal impedance is produced by wetting out the thermal interfaces at application temperatures and pressures. BERGQUIST HI FLOW THF 3000UT is comparable to the best thermal greases and the consistent thickness ensures reliable performance without pump-out often experienced with some thermal greases. Can be applied using low pressure roller or manual applications.

For information on UL certifications for our Thermal Management Materials Portfolio, please reference to UL file No. E59150.



Flame rating:


Operating temperature:

125.0 °C

Standard thickness:

0.127 mm - 0.254 mm

Thermal conductivity:

3.0 W/mK

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