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Discover our innovative adhesive applications, revolutionizing industries with cutting-edge solutions for diverse industrial needs.

  • Visual example of LOCTITE<sup>®</sup> equipment on a production assembly line.

    Assembly automation solutions

  • A red tube of LOCTITE 518 is applying a thing red bead of liquid gasket sealant to the flange of a gearbox.

    Gasketing solutions

  • Small and large bottles of LOCTITE<sup>®</sup> 402 in a manufacturing facility next to 3D-printed parts.

    Instant component bonding solutions

  • Packaging solutions

  • A person with black gloves applying a red bottle of LOCTITE retaining compound to a cylindrical rolling bearing.

    Retaining solutions

  • Image depicting the Loctite structural adhesive application in lab setting.

    Structural bonding solutions

  • An example of thermal management materials

    Thermal management solutions

  • A tube of LOCTITE 567 sits on a table while two hands in gloves hold a pipe joint put together with LOCTITE thread sealants.

    Thread sealing solutions

  • Example of application of threadlockers

    Threadlocking solutions

  • LOCTITE<sup>®</sup> PC  7332 next to a mining chute

    Wear prevention solutions