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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies



Discover our innovative adhesive applications, revolutionizing industries with cutting-edge solutions for diverse industrial needs.

  • Visual example of LOCTITE® equipment on a production assembly line.

    Assembly automation solutions

  • A red tube of LOCTITE 518 is applying a thing red bead of liquid gasket sealant to the flange of a gearbox.

    Gasketing solutions

  • Small and large bottles of LOCTITE® 402 in a manufacturing facility next to 3D-printed parts.

    Instant component bonding solutions

  • Black and white image comprised of four individual images that represent automotive metal forming solutions, automotive metalworking solutions, automotive cleaners for metal processing and automotive surface treatment solutions

    Metal processing solutions

  • Packaging solutions

  • A person with black gloves applying a red bottle of LOCTITE retaining compound to a cylindrical rolling bearing.

    Retaining solutions

  • Two professionals working in a plant with steam trap

    Smart maintenance / IIoT

  • Image depicting the Loctite structural adhesive application in lab setting.

    Structural bonding solutions

  • An example of thermal management materials

    Thermal management solutions

  • A tube of LOCTITE 567 sits on a table while two hands in gloves hold a pipe joint put together with LOCTITE thread sealants.

    Thread sealing solutions

  • Example of application of threadlockers

    Threadlocking solutions

  • LOCTITE® PC  7332 next to a mining chute

    Wear prevention solutions