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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Packaging solutions

At Henkel, we are at the forefront of adhesive solutions, transforming the landscape of sustainable paper and flexible packaging, pressure sensitive, and metal packaging with our fast-bonding adhesives. Compliant with safety regulations, our innovations cater to diverse surfaces and applications, ensuring reliability and environmental stewardship.
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Find packaging solutions

Explore our versatile products, designed to meet the needs of varied packaging applications for sheets, boxes, or point-of-purchase displays production, metal cans, and more. We offer a broad choice of packaging material and technologies to match all types of application requirements. Visit our e-Catalog to explore all the different types of solutions available.




by 2026

Retail ecommerce sales.





Sustainable ​packaging ​market growth.




CAGR, 2022 -2032

On-the-go ​packaging​ growth.

Elevating product packaging with innovative adhesive solutions

Product packaging is critical to not only attract customer attention but also to keep the product safe and fresh. To stay at the top of their game, manufacturers need to consider sustainability, operational efficiency, and customer experience. Henkel can help manufacturers achieve excellence in all these three pillars with innovative packaging adhesive solutions.

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REThink Packaging

The evolution of consumer goods packaging focuses on new materials and process to reduce waste, support reuse and recycling and gain production efficiency. Creating packaging designs focused on sustainable materials and processes supports circular economy principles and avoids impacts to fast moving consumer goods companies. Evolving regulations on a local, regional and global level add complexity to the process, while consumer demands of quality and safety are paramount. Brand owners are seeking new ideas to achieve more sustainable solutions and still meet consumer expectations.

Henkel solutions have the answer

Henkel excels in sustainable paper packaging with fast-bonding adhesives, meeting consumer demands for eco-friendly options. The portfolio spans folding cartons, food packaging, and creative paper converting designs. Adapting to the e-commerce surge, Henkel ensures packaging durability with water-based and hot melt adhesives, complying with food safety regulations. In can manufacturing, Henkel is a global leader, offering innovative solutions for various metal packaging formats. With over 80 years of research, our adhesives cater to flexible packaging in diverse industries. Henkel's bookbinding solutions prioritize durability, versatility, and quality. We also provide reliable end-of-line packaging adhesives, including TECHNOMELT® hot melts and palletizing solutions, contributing to sustainability.

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Depth of Henkel packaging solution

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Metal can manufacturers boost efficiency with Henkel’s precision process control

Henkel's process control systems optimize metal packaging manufacturing, ensuring precision, efficiency, and elevated productivity. Explore key features for streamlined processes and improved overall performance.

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Sustainable paper packaging: Precision adhesives for eco-friendly bonding

Discover eco-friendly paper packaging adhesives with superior bonding, precision, and recyclability, meeting diverse industry demands for sustainability and functionality.

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Elevate packaging adhesive performance across industries

UV curable PSAs meet market dynamics, enhance customer experience. UV acrylic hot melts offer value for hot melt, solvent-based, or water-based adhesives users.

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Supporting a circular economy

Henkel provides sustainable packaging solutions that are also safe and durable. Creating a circular economy requires working together to deploy smart packaging solutions and use sustainable sources. Henkel is taking action to accelerate a circular economy.

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Sustainable packaging solutions: TECHNOMELT® SUPRA ECO Adhesives lead the way

Consumer goods prioritize sustainable packaging, TECHNOMELT® SUPRA ECO adhesives support eco-friendly options, emphasizing life cycle assessments, and material compatibility for recycling.

Why choose Henkel packaging solutions?

Bonding quality

Offer solutions for a variety of substrates and materials for high bond strength.

Food safety

Complies with all regulatory requirements for chemical migration.

Sustainable solutions

Supports recycling with bio-based materials and new technologies for a circular economy.

Clean processing

Reduces buildup and clogging during application.

Improved efficiency

Enhances production and reduces downtime.

Temperature resistance

Offers excellent adhesion in extreme temperature conditions.

Choosing a Henkel packaging solution

Henkel provides a comprehensive range of adhesive solutions for packing. Based on the application requirements, such as bonding speed, temperature resistance, and substrate compatibility. For fast assembly processes, Henkel Hotmelt adhesives offer quick bonding, ideal for high-speed production lines. Water-based adhesives, on the other hand, provide environmentally friendly options with low VOC emissions. Our range of pressure sensitive and pressure activated adhesive products continues to grow, and our research and development enables some of the most advanced pressure sensitive adhesive products on the market. Whatever your requirements, the Henkel team is on hand to offer advice and guidance on the best structural adhesive for your design, process, or industry.

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3D illustration of folding carton

Paper packaging

Henkel leads in eco-friendly paper packaging, meeting consumer needs for sustainable on-the-go options. Their fast-bonding adhesives enhance efficiency in applications from folding cartons to food packaging. The portfolio includes creative and sustainable designs for paper converting. Amidst the e-commerce boom, Henkel's adhesives bolster packaging durability for secure product delivery. Water-based and hot melt options offer versatile solutions with strong shear strength. Compliant with food safety regulations, Henkel provides innovative and sustainable adhesives for various applications, emphasizing short setting times, precise application, and consistent viscosity in paper converting. As a comprehensive partner, Henkel delivers efficient, reliable, and sustainable packaging and paper adhesive solutions.

 Illustration of metal can labelling

Metal packaging

Henkel, the global choice for can makers, offers unmatched expertise and innovative solutions. Our team understands the intricacies of aluminum and tin-plate can manufacturing, delivering efficient, safe, and environmentally conscious metal packaging solutions. Our diverse portfolio includes surface technologies, sealants, and coatings for various formats, prioritizing food-safe solutions. Committed to innovation, we create lighter cans. With technical prowess and unparalleled application expertise, Henkel stands as a leader, providing tailored solutions that surpass competitors in the metal packaging industry.


Flexible packaging

Henkel understands the critical factors that drive consumer choices in packaging – appearance, feel, and functionality. Our flexible packaging coating solutions offer a decisive edge, whether for matte or high-gloss surfaces, resealability, anti-fog properties, flavor protection, or barrier properties. From food contact coatings to primers for flexible paper packaging, our materials provide tailored solutions. Our coatings protect contents, consumers, and the environment, ensuring extended shelf life and creative packaging design options. Trust Henkel's LOCTITE® LIOFOL for food-safe packaging solutions that align with consumer expectations.

3D Illustration showing PET bottle labelling

Pressure sensitive solutions

Henkel is a trusted pressure sensitive adhesive supplier. Our range of pressure sensitive and pressure activated adhesive products continues to grow, and our research and development enables some of the most advanced pressure sensitive adhesive products on the market.

Carton Sealing

End of line packaging

End-of-line packaging adhesives need to enable clean machining, strong bonds, increased mileage, best possible efficiency, and compliance with the highest food safety and sustainability standards. Henkel creates advantage for the packaging industry through a complete range of high-impact end-of line-packaging solutions and extensive industry knowledge to drive related operational optimization and continuous improvement.

3D illustration of bottle labelling

Container labeling

Henkel addresses consumer label preferences with adhesive solutions prioritizing convenience, recyclability, and substrate adherence for brand owners, ensuring smooth production. AQUENCE® and TECHNOMELT® products excel in challenging conditions like ice-water resistance and difficult substrate bonding, enhancing the consumer experience on food packaging. These adhesives, in water-based and hot melt formulations, offer versatile bonding on various surfaces with application methods like roll feed roller, roll feed spray, and cut and stack, providing flexibility for different packaging designs and manufacturing needs.


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