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Flexible packaging

Flexible packaging solutions are driven by new consumer trends. Growing global demand calls for appealing, user-friendly, safe, and sustainable packaging solutions. In food and non-food applications, lighter-weight flexible packaging solutions use thinner materials and fewer layers for functionality and sustainability. New film materials provide convenience in consuming, opening, and reclosing products for on-the-go use functionality.

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Of flexible packaging is used in food applications.


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Size of global flexible packaging market by 2028.

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Optimize in-line coating weight

Flexible laminates combine several film/foil layers with different characteristics. To ensure the laminates’ performance, a thorough quality management process is highly recommended. Henkel’s Lioscan system allows customers to do this inline, saving time and material in the production process.



Flexible packaging used for multiple food pouches

Food applications

Flexible packaging is used in dry foods, fresh foods, juices, confectionery and ice cream, lidding, ready meal packaging, and condiments.

An example of flexible packaging for pet food with a fake brand applied

Pet food applications

In pet food products, flexible packaging applications include stand-up pouches and dry goods packaging.

Flexible packaging of a detergent with a fake brand applied

Non-food applications

Many non-food applications use flexible packaging.  Applications include stand-up pouches for soaps and detergents, washing powder packaging, dishwasher tabs, wet wipes, pharmaceutical blister packaging, medical and sterile packaging, and electrical insulation.


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