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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Packaging and converting

Beyond an appealing design, consumers are seeking on-the-go packaging solutions. Sustainability is a key element, and adhesives and coatings are critical components. In order to navigate consumer needs, manufacturers are seeking suppliers who understand their packaging challenges and help brand owners rethink packaging solutions.

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At a glance


in 2023​

Global online sales in 2023.



Sustainable ​packaging ​market growth.


CAGR 2022 to 2032

On-the-go ​packaging​ growth.

Explore our Packaging and converting solutions

  • Consumer goods packaging

  • E-commerce

  • Tapes, labels and self-adhesive graphic films

  • Flexible packaging

  • Paper solutions

  • Metal packaging

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Packaging solutions: Durable, safe, sustainable

Across industries, organizations are looking for sustainable adhesive and packaging systems that offer excellent durability. Henkel’s suite of packaging adhesives simplifies manufacturing processes via faster bonding and secure seals across packaging materials. Henkel also offers sustainable packaging adhesives and sealants that meet food safety regulations as well as solutions for non-food applications.

Converting solutions: Precise, consistent, easy to use

Packaging converters know that short setting times, precise adhesive application, and constant viscosity are key for a durable and visually appealing final product. In laminating, tapes, labeling, metal, and other applications, the proper type and amount of adhesive streamlines manufacturing. Henkel supports applications such as standup pouches, paper bags, beverage cans, paper straws, tapes, and labels.

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We combine best performance with innovative sustainability solutions – in our products and our technologies.


Regenerative planet – We aim to decarbonize our operations and raw materials on the way to a carbon-neutral business.


We embed circular practices in our operations, products and packaging, and enable circularity through our industrial solutions.


Trusted partner – We deliver best-in-class performance and chemical safety for our customers and consumers, as foundations of our business.

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Supporting a circular economy

Henkel provides sustainable packaging solutions that are also safe and durable. Creating a circular economy requires working together to deploy smart packaging solutions and use sustainable sources. Henkel is taking action to accelerate a circular economy.

Delivering Your Best

E-commerce is booming and will only grow as on-line shopping continues to increase. Consumers demand fast, secure product delivery, while e-tailers are striving for peak efficiency and speed. Rising regulations and packaging waste – non-recyclable and oversized packaging – are critical concerns for consumers and e-tailers. Henkel has partnered with brand owners and machine manufacturers to create sustainable solutions for e-commerce packaging and adhesive for automated packaging systems. Together, we can meet the moment and deliver your best.

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    Food safety and risk assessment

    The regulatory framework for food contact materials is complex and constantly evolving. Businesses need expertise and diligence to maintain compliance. Comprehensive guidelines are essential for helping companies to address challenges in this area.

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