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Consumer goods packaging

Consumer goods packaging continues to experience dramatic changes. From the need for sustainable packaging to food safety requirements and the rise in e-commerce, fast-moving brand owners are seeking ways to assure the safety and security of consumers, as well as the environment. Packaging for electronic devices, household appliances, toys, as well as food and beverage products and health and beauty items all have unique needs. Packaging is a critical element to keep products safe from damage and spoiling from outside forces.

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At a glance

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more cost​

To replace a damaged​ product over original​ cost of shipping.


in 2022​

Size of global​ consumer packaging​ market.


of consumers​

Will pay more for ​sustainable​ packaging.

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Carton sealing

Consumer awareness continues to increase and impact buying behavior. Brand owners are driving change to meet increasing consumer demands like convenience, sustainability, and, most importantly, quality and safety. In between manufacturing of the product and arriving at retailers, the merchandise is prepared for shipping. Case and carton sealing is focused on sealing individual product packaging and consolidating the individual products into a shipping container. These adhesives are designed for clean machining, strong bonds, increased mileage, best possible efficiency, and compliance with the highest food safety and sustainability standards.

Tray forming

Cardboard trays are commonly used to transport fruit and vegetables from the field and then to distribution center or market. Tray forming adhesives facilitate the handling of products to the point of sales by providing a durable and food safe bond. Henkel’s portfolio of tray forming hot melt adhesives – TECHNOMELT® – addresses various performance requirements such as thermal stability and food safety requirements. Every consumer has specific needs that need to be met, such as protecting produce from crushing and contamination, prevent leakage and spillage, as well as meeting sustainability regulations for reuse and/or recyclability.


To meet growing consumer demand, efficient and safe transportation of containers and packages is crucial. Safe, sustainable, and efficient solutions are vital for the logistics of consumer goods companies. Specially designed adhesives can be integrated into the production process. Applying a hot melt adhesive in spiral or bead form on the top of the packaging enables the cases to be stacked and remain stable during stacking and transportation. Henkel’s TECHNOMELT® palletizing solutions offer an alternative to securing transport finished goods and reduce packaging waste and amount of plastic stretch film. Instead of wrapping pallets with stretch film to assure safe transport, Henkel’s range of hot melt adhesives effectively secure packages to the pallet, improving safety, and lowering overall costs.


The use of the right adhesives during labelling operations is a topic that affects production efficiency, sustainability, and consumer experience. Whether you are looking for adhesives for glass, plastic, or can labeling, our extensive selection of labeling adhesives offers excellent machinability and high adhesion and are designed to meet a range of requirements such as ice water resistance, hyper condensation, and PET recycling. Increasingly, innovative, and sustainable solutions are being developed such as, wash-off labeling adhesives that meet PET and glass recycling regulatory regulations. As an industry leader in adhesive solutions, Henkel has developed a range of sustainable solutions for both glass and plastic labeling.

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