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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Paper solutions

Paper converting solutions require precision and consistency. Too much adhesive creates manufacturing issues and too little adhesive causes end-use performance issues. Henkel’s water-based or hot melt adhesives are easy to apply and offer flexible bonding options for bags, envelopes, cartons, bookbinding, and graphic arts.

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At a glance


2023 to 2033

Sustainable packaging market growth.


by 2030

Global paper straw market.


in 2023

Global corrugated board market.

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Henkel's EPIX® technology revolutionizes disposable paper products

It enhances paper wraps and containers with improved resistance to water and grease, making them viable alternatives to plastic for items like sandwich wraps and food trays. In the realm of thermal insulation, EPIX® is integral in double-walled cups and sleeves, providing better handling of hot beverages by dispersing heat and retaining coolness. For eCommerce, EPIX® transforms packaging with padded mailers that increase impact resistance while reducing weight, streamlining shipping by eliminating the need for additional packing materials and oversized containers. This innovative technology presents a sustainable, efficient option for everyday disposable products.

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Aeration technology

Henkel’s exclusive and proven aeration technology provides multiple benefits. For example, converters have realized in-use cost savings of up to 30% and a 20% CO2 footprint benefit. Watch the video to learn more.



Paper solutions bags

Bags, pouches, and sacks

Bags, pouches, and sacks are part of our daily lives, serving various purposes from carrying groceries to gifts. To ensure the safe transport of these items, high-quality and dependable paper bag adhesive solutions are essential. Henkel offers a comprehensive range of high-performance adhesives tailored to various paper bag manufacturing machines and substrates. Regardless of the application method, our adhesive portfolio ensures reliable production for bonding all types and qualities of sacks, enhancing your production processes. Henkel's paper bag adhesives provide superior performance in critical applications for side seam, cross pasting, handle patching, and heat sealing. We provide options for excellent bond strength on variety of substrates, fast setting speed, high peel strength, clean processing, heat resistance, and heat seal coatings.

Paper solutions paper straws

Paper Straws

Henkel offers a portfolio of paper straw adhesives to support the manufacture of more sustainable straw alternatives. Paper straws are made of two or three layers of paper that are held together by a small amount of adhesive. Henkel is one of the few pioneers in the market offering a high-quality adhesive solution that can be employed on high and low speed machines. Our water-based AQUENCE® adhesives comply with the appropriate food safety standards. They have high resistance to liquids and extreme temperatures, yielding an enjoyable experience for consumers. Under certain conditions, paper straws manufactured with AQUENCE® ST have shown to be compostable.

Paper solutions corrugated board

Corrugated board

Corrugated board is a versatile material used for various purposes, from packaging to displays. For manufacturers aiming for top-quality boxes, Henkel's adhesive materials, including additives, litho-laminating corrugated adhesives, and AQUENCE® HALO® corrugating additives, play a crucial role in delivering exceptional results. These corrugated manufacturers excel in sustainable merchandising displays, graphic packaging, and fulfillment for CPG companies and retailers, relying on partners like Henkel to ensure quality and innovation. Henkel's corrugated adhesives are meticulously formulated to meet application-specific criteria, ensuring optimal throughput, exceptional board quality, and reduced total cost-in-use. Our high-grade corrugated glue solutions offer attributes such as high wet tack, precision gluing, engineered for glue detection, reliable bonding, fast setting speed, water resistance, and easy cleaning. Henkel's range of glue for corrugated cardboard products provide solutions like water-resistant resins, liquid performance additives, and dual arch resins.

Paper solutions laminating


Various methods exist for laminating paper and graphics to corrugated board, each impacting durability and appearance differently. The most common method, litho-lamination, relies on the right adhesive moisture balance and drying time. Henkel, collaborating closely with laminating machine manufacturers, comprehends the crucial machine-related factors for adhesive formulation. We provide adhesive film and foamed laminating adhesives to enhance productivity and achieve high-quality laminations. Our products are tailored to deliver fast setting speed, excellent lay-flat capability, minimal splashing, easy cleaning, and consistent viscosity.

Paper solutions folding cartons

Folding cartons

Meeting high demand and fast turnaround times while ensuring efficient processing, reliable bonding, and cost savings are crucial challenges. Adhesives play a pivotal role in folding box construction, impacting the end product's quality in relation to cardboard grade, surface quality, and printing ink. Henkel offers a comprehensive range of folding carton adhesive products and application systems that guarantee reliable bonding on various surfaces. Our product lineup includes water-based and hot melt adhesives compatible with most boxboard substrates, delivering benefits like increased line speeds, enhanced board quality, and reduced total cost-in-use. Our solutions encompass precision gluing, reliable bonding, outstanding shear strength, machine-adapted viscosity, and easy cleaning. Our range of Hot Melt products, including fast-setting, high-quality folding carton adhesives that offer excellent processing, bonding characteristics, high adhesion strength, extreme thermostability, good cold flexibility, and high heat resistance, designed to support strong seals and product freshness. Our water-based adhesives are suitable for nozzle application, wheel application, and window patching, meeting a wide range of needs in the folding carton industry.

Paper solutions bookbinding and graphic arts

Bookbinding and graphic arts

Maintaining consistency is crucial in bookbinding and graphic arts, where manufacturers seek durable solutions with high temperature and moisture resistance and strong substrate adhesion. Henkel's comprehensive bookbinding adhesive portfolio exceeds industry standards, delivering optimal quality, speed, and temperature range performance. Our offerings cater to all melt-on-demand systems, emphasizing digital capabilities, offering excellent page pulls, flexes, aging stability, and resistance to inks and solvents. Henkel's innovative technologies optimize performance and reduce costs for customers, ensuring bottom-line savings. Applications include hardcover and softcover books, magazines and catalogs, and print on demand.

Paper solutions envelopes


Despite the digital age, paper communication remains relevant, from greetings to bills, offering consumers joy. Envelope manufacturers face the challenge of increasing productivity and efficiency in this new paradigm. Henkel, with a history dating back to 1923 in envelope adhesives, collaborates closely with manufacturers to develop adhesives that meet evolving trends and requirements. Our products support extrusion seam bonding, offering adhesives suited for various manufacturing conditions with low-splash application, short setting times, and consistent lay-flat results. We also provide a comprehensive system for front seal bonding, accommodating all types of closings with different adhesive options. For window patch bonding, our adhesives ensure immediate adherence for films made from various materials like glassine paper, polystyrene, or polypropylene.


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