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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Metal packaging

Metal can manufacturers rely on innovative packaging solutions to increase efficiency, boost safety, and reduce the environmental footprint. Henkel solutions provide manufacturing-friendly surface technologies, sealants, and coatings for beverage, food, aerosol, and other areas like drums or pails. Food-safe solutions meet the highest standards with innovative technologies to make lighter cans.

At a glance


by 2030

Global metal packaging market size by 2030.


of the energy savings

Aluminum recycling saves 95% of energy required for production.


increase by 2050

of people living in urban areas, increasing packaged food demand.

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The can line

See how metal can manufacturers are boosting production line efficiency with Henkel process control systems designed for metal packaging manufacturing.



Woman opening a beverage can

Beer and beverage cans

Canned drinks are widely used, but producing beer and beverage cans involves complex steps and strict quality, safety, and sustainability regulations. Henkel provides a global portfolio of solutions for metal beverage packaging, enhancing efficiency and reducing waste throughout production. These include lubricants, cleaners, surface treatments, pretreatments, and sealants. These technologies help customers stay compliant with evolving regulations for can safety and sustainability.

Woman in a grocery store looking at a food can

Food cans

Food cans are a widespread feature in kitchens worldwide, offering convenient and cost-effective nutrition with extended shelf life. Their contribution to a circular economy through infinite recyclability is notable. Henkel's extensive lineup of safe and sustainable solutions for metal food packaging empowers can manufacturers with a competitive edge. This includes internal and external coatings, surface treatments, and food-safe water-based and solvent-based sealants. Our experts are always available to provide up-to-date insights into the latest regulations and trends in this dynamic and demanding market. Furthermore, our Triple Safety approach ensures the highest levels of safety, encompassing regulatory, analytical, and toxicological assessments while anticipating regulatory changes to develop trustworthy innovations for our customers.

Hairdresser spraying monobloc aerosol can at a woman's hair

Aerosol cans

Henkel's sustainable innovations for manufacturing aerosol cans enhance the production of durable and appealing products. Our comprehensive portfolio comprises sealants, coatings, and surface treatments tailored to the unique requirements of various aerosol can types, including monobloc, two-piece, and three-piece cans. For monobloc aerosol cans, we offer cleaners, and for two-piece cans, we provide lubricants, cleaners, and mobility enhancers. Additionally, our product range includes water-based sealants for three-piece aerosol cans. These technologies bolster aerosol packaging's resilience against chemical exposure from personal care and household products, ensuring both durability and eye-catching aesthetics.

Our solutions not only enhance sustainability through improved manufacturing efficiency and extended product shelf life but also ensure compliance with evolving safety regulations, enabling customers to make significant advancements in aerosol can production.

Metal barrels

Crown caps, covers, drums, pails, and cannisters

We use our leading technologies and deep expertise from across the metals industry to provide high-impact solutions for every type of metal packaging. Alongside innovations for food, beverage and aerosol cans, we offer outstanding coatings and sealants for crown caps, covers, drums, pails and cannisters. These Henkel technologies are cost-effective, safe and sustainable. Together, they form a portfolio of solutions that creates tangible added-value for all kinds of metal packaging.

young woman pushing a shopping cart, grocery shopping in supermarket.

Sustainability in Metal Packaging

Every day, experts from Henkel’s Metals business support customers worldwide to boost efficiency and reduce waste – by increasing safety, reducing water and energy consumption, and cutting emissions. Download our whitepapers to know more about how we make it work.


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