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E-commerce is booming and estimates indicate it will continue. Consumers want products to arrive quickly and safely while converters and distributors must maximize product efficiencies. And consumer environmental awareness is driving demand for more sustainable packaging. Henkel advanced adhesive and coating solutions help optimize e-commerce packaging throughout the value chain.

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​Global parcel shipping​ volume by 2026.

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​E-commerce market ​growth by 2026.


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EPIX® technology

Henkel’s EPIX® technology is pivotal in transforming conventional e-commerce packaging solutions, offering a sustainable and highly functional alternative to retailers and consumers.

Launched in North America and expanding globally, the innovative EPIX® padded mailers, composed of multiple paper layers and specialized cushioning material, meet growing sustainability demands, being certified as recyclable by various institutions, and are designed to optimize weight, size, and impact resistance, reducing processing costs and promoting a circular economy.

This technology is particularly significant for online retailers and brand owners looking to balance protection, cost, and social responsibility, allowing them to leverage enhanced paper products to satisfy consumer needs for more sustainable and protective packaging solutions.

Automated packaging

Automated packaging makes e-commerce fulfillment more efficient and reliable. Reducing manual handling with fit-to-size, automated boxing is one way to achieve greater efficiency. High fulfillment speed, scalability and international competence are essential to improve your customer experience and to be successful in this market. These systems use hot melt adhesives to create strong bonds to withstand the demands during shipping. Our adhesive solutions support efficiency and sustainability by reducing packaging waste. Take full advantage of the benefits of automated e-commerce packaging with Henkel’s TECHNOMELT hot melt adhesive solutions which improve the productivity of packaging on-demand technologies.

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EPIX® Padded mailers

Launched in North America and being adopted in other countries, EPIX® padded mailers meet a critical industry need to replace multi-substrate mailers with mono materials and improved functionality. EPIX® technology delivers e-commerce packaging solutions including increased impact resistance over standard bubble mailers in a paper-based package, improved impact resistance to weight ratio, and enhanced social responsibility with standard mixed recyclable materials.

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Heat seal coatings

Henkel’s range of water-based heat seal coatings for right-sized e-commerce packaging are optimized for paper conversion as well as automated packaging processes in fulfillment centers and offer trouble-free application of heat seal coating in the paper conversion process, efficient and fast activation of heat seal coating in automated packaging processes at fulfillment centers, reliable closing of packaging with tamper evidence, improved opening experience for consumers, improved sustainability of packaging, and optional barrier function for water, moisture or grease.

Paper solutions_Palletizing


To meet rising consumer demand, it's crucial to transport containers and packages efficiently with a focus on safety and minimizing damage. Consumer goods logistics require safe, sustainable, and efficient solutions. Specially designed adhesives, like Henkel's TECHNOMELT® palletizing solutions, can be integrated into the production process. By applying hot melt adhesive in spiral or bead form on the packaging tops, cases can stack securely during transportation. These adhesives offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional securing methods, reducing packaging waste and minimizing the need for plastic stretch film. Henkel's hot melt adhesives enhance safety, cut costs, and improve overall transport reliability.

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Tamper evidence

Henkel’s wide range of pressure sensitive adhesive for e-commerce packaging offers a variety of benefits, such as tamper-evidence of packaging, improved opening experience for consumers through coupling with a tear strip, applicability for package returns, reliable order processing even at low temperatures, suitability for manual and machine sealing, maximized productivity through supporting commonly used application equipment, and improved sustainability of packaging.


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