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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Tamper evidence for e-commerce packaging

With TECHNOMELT® pressure sensitive and side seam adhesive
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Women opening E-commerce carton

Valuable items which are shipped in paper mailers or cardboard boxes need to be protected properly from theft and package tampering. E-tailers want to provide their customers with the best possible unboxing experience and easy and reliable opening of packaging is a must. Our TECHNOMELT® pressure sensitive and side seam adhesives generate a strong fiber tear, which ensures that e-commerce products reach customers safely. Neither a premature opening of the side seam, nor of the closing flap will go unnoticed in the supply chain. The PSA adhesives can be used with commonly used application equipment and withstand the extreme temperature demands at fulfillment and distribution centers.

Envelope Peelable Pressure Sensitive Seal

Studies suggest that almost one in four packages ordered online are returned. This creates a huge challenge to both the supply chain and returns processing infrastructure, but also towards the design of the package. An integration of both an adhesive seal and re-sealing strip for parcel returns ensures that the customer can safely return their ordered items and that packaging can be reused a second time, saving valuable resources. Furthermore, using an easy-to-use sealing liner as a means of closing the package adds flexibility to the consumer, who does not need to rely on the availability of tape.

Henkel’s wide range of pressure sensitive adhesive for e-commerce packaging offers a variety of benefits, such as:

  • Tamper-evidence of packaging
  • Improved opening experience for consumers through coupling with a tear strip
  • Applicability for package returns
  • Reliable order processing even at low temperatures
  • Suitability for manual and machine sealing
  • Maximized productivity through supporting commonly used application equipment
  • Improved sustainability of packaging

Henkel solutions for tamper evidence of e-commerce packaging help you to DELIVER YOUR BEST.

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