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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

EPIX® eCommerce packaging solutions

eCommerce packaging with greater impact resistance
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Consumers want to protect what they love. When transporting precious items or ordering from their favorite online retailers, the packaging materials assure everything arrives safely and intact. EPIX® technology makes paper a viable option for one-time shipping materials and delivers increased functionality like impact resistance. Henkel’s eCommerce packaging materials are transforming mailers to make them more sustainable and protective.

Launched in North America, and being adopted in other countries, EPIX® padded mailers meet a critical industry need to replace multi-substrate mailers with mono-materials and improved functionality. EPIX® Technology delivers ecommerce packaging solutions including:

  • Increased impact resistance than standard bubble mailers in a paper-based package
  • Improved impact resistance to weight ratio
  • Enhanced social responsibility with standard mixed recyclable materials

Retailers and brand owners can leverage EPIX® technology to satisfy the needs of consumers. EPIX® technology delivers increased functionality and protection to everyday paper products.

Delivering impact resistance without increasing package weight

With an increasing focus on customers sustainability demands for padded mailers that are made from recyclable materials and offer high protection, Henkel has responded with a new generation of ecommerce packaging materials. EPIX® padded mailers contain multiple paper layers and cushioning material to protect purchases during shipping, assuring the customer’s order arrives undamaged. The cushioning material is created in a proprietary process starting as a water-based liquid. The cushioning material is specifically designed to easily separate from the outer paper in the same way print inks and paper coatings are removed during the paper recycling process. EPIX® mailers have been certified as recyclable by How2Recycle in the US, and OPRL in the UK, and recently received further certification from the Institute cyclos-HTP, confirming its compatibility with sorting and recycling systems in the EU, Switzerland, Norway and the UK.

The EPIX® platform has customized technologies to improve the functionality of paper in a variety of ways. These different technologies are on display in many applications like those needing improved impact, thermal resistance, or strong barrier properties.

How do you get the best combination of protection, cost, and social responsibility? Henkel’s EPIX® ecommerce packaging material for paper-based padded mailers that optimizes weight, size, and impact resistance for shipping. This innovative product reduces processing costs and features a revolutionary lightweight cushioning material. Using EPIX® technology in lieu of plastic bubbles facilitates recyclability of the paper and is part of Henkel’s strategy for a circular economy.

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