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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

EPIX® technology

Extending the functionality of paper.
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EPIX Padded Mailer in a curbside recycling bin

Consumer demand for convenience and single-use products continues to grow. At the same time, they want to minimize waste and are choosing more socially responsible products. Functionality plays a key role. Using paper as the base material and delivering the same performance as conventional counterparts is the goal.

Henkel’s EPIX® technology is a portfolio of materials designed to extend the functionality of paper. It allows paper products to support new features of barrier protection, thermal insulation, and impact resistance. EPIX® technology solutions can enhance the paper experience for a wide range of products including paper cups, containers, eCommerce packaging, and beyond. Henkel’s EPIX® technology is helping to revolutionize sustainable paper packaging products across various market segments.

Bringing new functionality to paper

Henkel’s EPIX® technology offers brands and consumers viable alternatives to popular disposable products. From padded mailers to paper cups and food trays, EPIX® delivers solutions for your everyday paper products. The product portfolio delivers individual functional options to meet each unique challenge and transform paper.

One product family is designed to support better barrier protection in paper-based wraps and containers from water and grease intrusion. EPIX® technology solutions make paper a viable alternative to plastic for popular disposable, on-the-go products such as sandwich wraps, paper cups, and food trays.

Thermal insulation is another product family supporting heat dispersion, coolness retention, and condensation in paper cups to make it easier for consumers to handle hot beverages in paper cups. EPIX® technology is a key component of double-walled cups and hot beverage sleeve to increase temperature resistance.

Finally, EPIX® technology has a product family for eCommerce packaging. Increasing the impact resistance and reducing the payload weight, EPIX® padded mailers and other packaging materials reduce the weight of packages and eliminates the need for additional packing materials in large containers. It replaces oversized containers and envelopes with better packing materials. EPIX® technology enhances paper mailers to deliver flexible, form-fitting, and lower profile packaging options.

Limitless possibilities with EPIX®

EPIX® Technology enables paper products to deliver increased functionality and provides enhanced properties for on-the-go products made for today’s consumer needs. Learn about each of the product families and how brands and consumers can solve more with EPIX®.


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