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EPIX® insulation

Delivering options for consumers to insulate hot beverages.
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A hot coffee on a cold morning or warm soup from a popular café for lunch – it is the little things that make a difference during a busy day. But those conveniences can quickly turn into burdens by having your cup of coffee or soup too hot to touch. Consumers want convenience items to fit on-the-go lifestyles and paper cup manufacturers must keep up with customer demands.

Unlike cups made from polystyrene foam, paper cups are recyclable. However, the challenge has been to ensure adequate insulation of the drink. This is where EPIX® technology comes into play.

Thermal insulation comes to the rescue and offers increased functionality in single-use convenience products. EPIX® technology enables the creation of new, advanced paper cup materials that insulate drinks while being recyclable. Traditionally supported by polystyrene, the functionality comes from materials with inherent thermal properties. EPIX® technology enables: 

  • Paper as viable alternative to plastics and other single-use materials 
  • Less material use coupled with the same performance and functionality as other solutions 
  • Light-weighting and recyclability  

Providing thermal insulation to keep food and beverages at temperature, hands cool and waste do

Disposable, on-the-go products are popular with consumers. EPIX® technology enables paper to be the base paper cup material – replacing traditional materials. EPIX® provides high temperature resistance for double-walled paper cups for coffee and tea. With the EPIX® technology, it is possible to turn paper into a thermal-resistant powerhouse that can keep contents hot or cold while protecting the consumer.   

Consumers can enjoy their latté, a milkshake, or a soda with disposable items. Replacing polystyrene foam has been a focus for several years. The popular petroleum product does not degrade naturally and creates waste. Researchers have evaluated many options from cellulose-based foams to other chemistries without a clear winner. EPIX® technology improves the functionality of paper for thermal properties with an insulation property in the product portfolio. These formulas allow paper to replace plastics and other single-use materials, while remaining lightweight and the ability to recycle based on local regulations.


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