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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

AQUENCE® HALO® corrugating additives

Helping eliminate powdered borax challenges
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Solutions to fit every corrugator’s need

AQUENCE® HALO® corrugating additives provide trusted performance and improves operating efficiency. Our products support worker safety and reduced downtime on corrugated production lines to increase production.

AQUENCE® HALO® Product Family

Improving Safety and Increasing Efficiency in Starch Operations

Corrugated boxes are the most popular method of delivering consumer goods. What goes into the creation of these versatile containers requires corrugated manufacturers to select raw materials which produce boxes that resist tearing, crushing and bursting. The addition of additives to the starch formula increases viscosity and improves tack to maintain the high operating speeds of corrugated box operations.

The challenge: the use of powdered borax is not only labor intensive, but also an operator safety concern and has some inherent dispensing inaccuracies. Henkel’s HALO product line provides a solution to eliminate these challenges:

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Operator safety

No lifting, cutting, climbing, or inhalation of borax dust.
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Dosing accuracy

Consistent viscosity and gel point assures starch goes where it is supposed to go.
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Clean machining

Reduced slinging and clean up on corrugator.
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Production efficiency

No constant monitoring and less downtime gives operators time to complete value-added tasks.

AQUENCE® HALO® product line replaces standard powdered borax and some products include a rheology modifier to reduce starch consumption. In addition to its benefits as a borax alternative, AQUENCE® HALO® reduces starch sling – the starch goes where it is supposed to go – on the flute tip and not on the machine, floor, and everywhere else.

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AQUENCE® HALO® product line provides solutions to fit every corrugator’s need. Whether you are looking for a direct powdered borax replacement or are looking for something to help enhance your operations, Henkel has a solution to fit your unique operation.

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