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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies


Laminating adhesives and foamed laminating adhesives designed to improve productivity and create high-quality laminations
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There are several methods for laminating paper and graphics to corrugated board and each method results in a different level of durability and appearance. Generally, the most common method is called litho-lamination. For this type of laminating process, using adhesives for laminated paper with the right balance of moisture and drying time is key.

Working closely with laminating machine manufacturers, Henkel understands the machine-related parameters to consider in the formulation of laminating adhesives. Henkel is offering adhesive film laminating and foamed laminating adhesives to improve productivity and create high-quality laminations.

Our products are designed to support:

  • Fast setting speed
  • Good lay-flat ability
  • Low splashing
  • Easy cleaning
  • Constant viscosity

Laminating applications

Great packages begin with the right materials. Corrugated box manufacturing is changing with increased demand for short product runs and customized printing. To meet demand, box lamination lines need to run faster and still provide the same quality construction. Henkel provides adhesive film laminating solutions to eliminate common challenges of shallow bond/delamination, warp, and edge lift, which can all lead to jam-ups and glue on the belts. Our portfolio of adhesives for laminated paper, cardboard and corrugated materials is specifically designed to meet the needs of the paper industry.

Litho-laminating applications

One of the main advantages of litho-laminating is the ability to manufacture large quantities at one time and with relatively low costs. Litho-laminated corrugated boxes offer increased durability and high-quality and customizable designs.

The popularity of litho-laminated boxes and cartons are expected to continue as consumers are drawn to the high-quality graphics the method affords. The key factor in delivering litho-laminated packaging with consistent prints and avoiding defects, is minimizing the amount of liquid used. Henkel has developed a line of standard and foaming litho-lamination adhesives to allow faster drying and minimize scrap from defects.

AQUENCE® aerated adhesive technology

Aeration technology has been used successfully for over 20 years by Henkel customers across six continents. With more than 250 mixing units installed on different types of litho-laminators, Henkel continues to improve its exclusive aeration technology.

Foaming the adhesive reduces the amount of moisture in the product, which enables the foam to sit stable on the corrugated flute tips. This increases lamination accuracy, reduces warping and helps to speed up drying. Boards glued with foamed Henkel adhesive and produced with inline laminators can be punched almost immediately as the adhesive has close to zero drying time. With Henkel’s aeration technology for litho-lamination cost in use savings of up to 30% vs. conventional lamination technology could be observed. There is also a 20% CO2 footprint benefit due to a reduction of effluent, lower adhesive consumption and lower adhesive transport volumes, thus Henkel’s aeration technology supports companies in achieving their sustainability targets.

The industry benchmark AQUENCE® aerated adhesive technology from Henkel enables packaging converters to go beyond limitations in lay-flat property, board aesthetics, and conditioning times. This high performing adhesive solution also ensures maximum standards in food safety.

The Next Generation of Aeration Technology leads to:

  • Clean running/no splashing at high speeds
  • Cost-in-use reduction per sqm
  • Superior lay-flat ability
  • Avoidance of reverse stacking
  • Approved by Bobst Grenchen AG (Litho-Lamination Master flute equipment)

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Get all the benefits of Henkel’s industry benchmark AQUENCE® aerated adhesive technology in our highlight video

Learn more about AQUENCE® Aerated Adhesives in our Youtube playlist for Aeration Technology.

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