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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Flexible laminates

Adhesive solutions for the flexible packaging industry
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Our brand LOCTITE Liofol stands for high-quality laminating adhesives and coatings. This product range comprises solutions for a multitude of applications within the food packaging industry as well as for non-food applications. Our products benefit from more than 80 years of research and development in adhesives and coatings. Whether your business is in flexible packaging for food, medicines, medical supplies, cosmetics or in textile and technical lamination, we deliver the solutions to meet your current and future needs.

We are leading with high-impact solutions, created with consumers in mind. Partner with us to [be more] sustainable!

He lifts the heavy weights at the gym – luckily, his cereal bar isn‘t one of them. Discover how our innovative adhesive and coatings solutions can help your products lose that extra weight.

We understand the changing market dynamics driven by consumer trends, and we put this knowledge into every innovative solution we develop. Our high-impact solutions are created with consumers in mind – how can our adhesives experts help you to [be more] for your customers?

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Food safe packaging

There is an increasing demand for safe, secure and sustainable packaging driven by heightened consumer awareness on food safety and health. Rising legislations are influencing food safe packaging development, design and materials in use. We aim to provide a new level of food safe packaging adhesives – committed to protecting brands and consumers, now and in the future.

Explore our FoodSafe Packaging Portal to learn more on Henkel’s initiative.

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Sustainable packaging

Driven by retailers and consumers seeking products made with fewer resources, the demand for sustainable flexible packaging solutions is rising steadily. Less material consumption reduces the impact on the environment, therefore downgauging is one of the targets, allowing lighter weight by using thinner materials and reducing the number of layers.

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Experience-oriented packaging design

Consumers are increasingly looking for user-friendly and functional packaging designs that provide added value such as convenience in consuming, opening and re-closing of products. Such designs are also in line with the growing global demand for ease of use, safety, sustainability and product appeal.

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Offering the right solutions for your industry

Whether dairy products, fruit juice, soups and sauces, pet food, washing powder or detergents – packaging adhesives can be found frequently in our daily lives. As your experienced partner, Henkel offers the right solutions for your flexible packaging applications.

Food Application Examples

  • Dry food packaging (snack food, soup pouches, coffee, pasta)
  • Fresh food packaging (meat, cheese and fish packaging)
  • Fruit juices stand-up pouch
  • Confectionery and ice cream packaging
  • Ketchup / mayonnaise / mustard sachet
  • Portion lidding and glass lidding (dairy products, dry food)
  • Ready meal packaging


Pet Food Application Examples: 

  • Pet food stand-up pouch
  • Dry food packaging


Non-Food Application Examples: 

  • Stand-up pouches (cream soap, detergents, etc.)
  • Washing powder packaging
  • Dishwasher tabs
  • Wet wipes
  • Cosmetic sachets
  • Pharma and industrial blister packaging
  • Technical areas (PV backsheets, electrical insulation, etc.)
  • Medical & sterile packaging

Lioscan: Assuring quality "on the run"

Flexible laminates are highly specialized products, combining several film/foil layers with different characteristics to bring out the desired features for each individual packaging. To ensure the laminates’ performance, a thorough quality management process is highly recommended. Lioscan allows customers to do this inline, saving time and material in the production process.

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