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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Beverage and container labeling

Labeling adhesive products and services for improved consumer experience.

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Labeling and improved consumer experience

Consumer label choices prioritize convenience, recyclability, and versatile substrate adherence for brand owners, all while maintaining smooth production.

Henkel has developed labeling adhesive solutions that meet the requirements and that are safe for use on food packaging. Our AQUENCE® and TECHNOMELT® adhesive products address challenges such as ice-water resistance, hyper-condensation, and difficult substrate bonding, enhancing the consumer experience.

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Labeling adhesives solutions

Henkel's labeling adhesives offer versatile bonding on various surfaces, enhancing the consumer experience by improving application and label appearance, durability, and food safety compliance. These adhesives come in water-based and hot melt formulations, with application methods like roll feed roller, roll feed spray, and cut and stack, providing flexibility for different packaging designs and manufacturing needs.

Our AQUENCE® water-based adhesives excel on glass, plastic, and aluminum, boosting manufacturing efficiency. TECHNOMELT® hot melt adhesives ensure reliable bonding on plastic and aluminum, reducing material usage and production costs.

Pressure sensitive labeling

Labeling with pressure sensitive adhesives can be applied to a variety of substrates. The bond between the label and substrate is activated when pressure is applied. Smoothness, surface energy, and residue can impact proper bonding. Pressure sensitive adhesives are designed to form a bond and hold properly at room temperatures. These adhesives typically lose their tack at low temperatures and reduce their shear holding ability at high temperatures.

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Glass bottle illustration with water based labelling adhesives

Glass labeling

Labels must stick securely to glass bottles under a variety of conditions from hot to cold and wet to dry surfaces. Additionally, glass bottle labeling should remove easily during the cleaning process. Glass labeling adhesives should provide outstanding performance features. While minimizing the impact on the environment, glass bottle label adhesives need to consider safe, responsible raw material chemistries.

Henkel’s portfolio of water-based adhesives – AQUENCE® – provide a good combination of strong end-use performance with clean machining. The glass labeling products are suited for a variety of process conditions and deliver superior CO2 (carbon dioxide) and LCA (life cycle assessment) values.

PET bottle illustration with water based labelling adhesives

Plastic labeling

Bottle recycling variability in plastics and process temperatures require specific adhesives to provide optimal performance of the finished product. At the same time, the aesthetics of plastic container labeling and food safety considerations are becoming of greater importance to brand owners and consumers.

Additionally, the demand for sustainable packaging has also continued to increase with a focus on a circular economy. This impacts the kinds of adhesives that can be used on plastic labels. At Henkel, we are committed to developing sustainable adhesive solutions to improve PET recycling processes and that encourages the establishment of a circular economy. 

Henkel’s portfolio of hot melt and water-based adhesives for plastic labeling – TECHNOMELT® and AQUENCE® – also provide a good combination of strong end-use performance with clean machining and maximum food safety on non-functional barrier substrates.

Can illustration with labelling adhesives

Can labeling

From label type and line speed to adhesive pattern and application amounts, can labeling requires an understanding of the interaction of all the components and process conditions to achieve optimal results.

Henkel’s portfolio of can labeling adhesives provides a range of high-performance hot melt and water-based adhesives options – TECHNOMELT® and AQUENCE®. Coupled with the product portfolio, Henkel offers technical expertise to address the in-production requirements for speed, efficiencies, and robustness to keep lines operating in best condition. Our solutions are designed to support stable machining, superior mileage, easy clean up, and food safe manufacturing.