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Coatings for Flexible Packaging

Markets and applications for coatings in the flexible packaging industry
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Appearance, feel, and functionality are some of primary reasons a package ends up in a shopping cart more often than another. It is not just a question of taste, but a skillful interplay of diverse components. At Henkel, we know what gives packaging the right shelf appeal – whether it has a matte or high-gloss surface, is resealable, offers anti-fog properties, safeguards flavor or provides barrier protection. Our flexible packaging coating solutions enable you to create that decisive difference. Whether you are looking for food contact coatings or primers for flexible paper packaging, we have the right material solutions for you.

Our flexible packaging coatings protect package content, consumers, and the environment. Heat seal coatings for lidding films help safeguard protected atmospheres and prolong storage life. Oxygen barriers for stand-up pouches that guarantee an extended shelf life. Last but not least, cold seal coatings for highest safety of chocolate bars. Furthermore, our barrier coatings for flexible packaging offer designers new creative options in packaging design – for example by integrating larger windows. It’s smarter to play it safe with Henkel's LOCTITE® LIOFOL food safe packaging solutions.

Discover our portfolio of coatings for flexible packaging solutions

Consumers today have a very clear concept of which properties packaging should include. That's why all our coating solutions have one thing in common: They meet the high expectations and demands of consumers. Ultimately, the end user decides whether a product is successful or not. So, when it comes to consumer trends relating to functional design, longer shelf life, utmost food safety, or increased environmental awareness – we have the right flexible packaging coating solutions! Find out more about all of our coating solutions for flexible packaging.

1. Functional coatings

LOCTITE® LIOFOL functional coatings are solvent-based and help deliver excellent performance for many films while maintaining the highest clarity. They are primarily used for lidding and flow pack for both hot and cold products and are suitable for PE, PP, and PET. They are functional at very low coating weight, have outstanding performance for many different films such as OPP, PE, BOPET, and also have the highest clarity under a wide range of temperatures – even at elevated humidity levels, i.e. for fish and meat. Additionally, UV properties allow you to easily control the homogeneous application on the film using UV lights.

2. Heat seal coatings

Do you want to achieve strong seals and easy peel at the same time? Go for Henkel’s heat seal coatings LOCTITE® LIOFOL heat seal coatings. To make sure you have a clearer view, our anti-fog heat seal coatings prevent condensation forming on transparent lidding films. At the same time, consistent packaging integrity and outstanding seal adhesion are maintained. What is more, these coatings replace the polyethylene layer. And, they are environmentally compatible as well as recyclable – this way you save materials and reduce waste. They are also in compliance with EU and US food contact regulation.

These heat seal coatings are solvent-based, are smooth peel at low coating weight as well as have low activation temperature, providing optimal seals with a low degree of haze. Our heat seal coatings also enable lightweighting for lighter packaging & lower thickness. Heat seal adhesive coatings are particularly suitable for polyester lidding films that are sealed to CPET, APET and RPET tray stocks. Suitable for BOPET lidding film to replace PP or PET/PE for fresh food and ready meal food packs – as well for microwavable and ovenable applications. For peelable lidding film with easy-opening properties without film breaks and use of tools.

3. Cold seal coatings

Want to raise performance and profit? Our cold seal coatings and adhesives can be processed at high speeds without becoming stringy. At the same time, they retain excellent packaging integrity and are highly peelable. This makes them ideal for sealing chocolate or cereal bars, dishwasher tabs or noodle cups. Our coat seal coatings are compliant with EU and FDA food contact regulations and free of acrylamide.

Our cold seal coatings come in both water-based latex and synthetic chemistries with latex-free (synthetic) cold seals available soon to meet any application requirement. These cold seal coatings have aggressive and high seal strength bonds, are suitable for use on a number of films used in mono-web and laminate flow packaging as well as provide excellent unwind in laminate and monoweb structures. These coatings come press ready and easy to use cold seal with low foaming and good machine ability with easy processing at high printing speeds. Optimize your production and increase your efficiency – with our innovative flexible packaging coating solutions.

4. Barrier coatings

Our barrier coatings for flexible packaging help keep your food fresh. Do you want to benefit from the synergy of metallizing technology and a multifunctional coating for high barrier films? Go for Nordmeccanica's and Henkel’s barrier enhancing technology alliance. Our barrier coatings are single-component and ready to use as well as having very good oxygen and moisture barrier of AlOx-coated films. For these reasons, they are ideal top coating for AIOx-coated films. They also possess improved robustness versus conventional top-coating solutions and barrier performance not reduced by stretching or abrasion. Our barrier coatings also provide additional boost in barrier performance and outstanding stability throughout entire converting process. Our barrier coatings are suitable for a host of food and paper packaging applications.

Henkel’s new oxygen barrier coating for flexible packaging will help you realize transparent designs in flexible packaging while extending the shelf life of food. Our oxygen barrier coating for flexible packaging is single-component and ready to use with customized OTR for tailored shelf-life extension. They enable enhanced shelf-life through strong oxygen barrier even at elevated humidity levels making them the right choice for many dry food and laminate structures applications. It improves safety thanks to absence of halogens and nanoparticles. Additionally, these single component oxygen barrier coatings are suitable for broadest range of substrates and easy cleaning with warm water, allowing for simplified & smooth processing.

5. Overprint varnishes

LOCTITE® LIOFOL overprint varnishes help create excellent protection with optimum looks to keep consumers satisfied. Our overprint varnishes come EB cured and solvent free and are suitable for film and paper substrates, flexo and gravure applications, and are food compliant. Providing protection or functionalization of outer layers, our overprint varnishes can also be used as release lacquer for cold seal coatings.

6. Primers

LOCTITE® LIOFOL offers a line of primers for flexible packaging applications that prepare surfaces for coating and adhesives applications. Our product line offers a number of different primer chemistries, each suitable for different substrates.

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