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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Printed electronics solutions

LOCTITE® advanced materials for printed electronics enable the creation of thin, lightweight, and flexible electronic circuits that drive innovation across multiple industries and transform traditional and emerging applications.
Preparation of functional printed electronics ink for printing application
Conductive ink printed on a flexible and thin surface

Advancing thin and flexible electronic components

Henkel employs traditional printing processes to create thin and flexible electronic components. Our functional LOCTITE® inks are suitable for printing electronic circuitry onto various substrates, such as different plastics, allowing the production of thin, lightweight, and flexible components through high-speed printing for scalable manufacturing.

Transforming ideas into solutions

Printed electronics is an established technology that meets the complex design requirements of modern electronics. With a robust ecosystem of industry partners, Henkel provides access to premium LOCTITE® conductive, resistive, and dielectric inks that transform complex design ideas into real-world solutions.

Side-by-side of printed electronics end-use solutions


Conductive inks and paints

LOCTITE® conductive inks and paints create electrical pathways for the integration of conductive circuitry applications.


Resistive inks

LOCTITE® resistive inks blend conductive and non-conductive particles with adjustable resistance capabilities.


Dielectric inks

LOCTITE® dielectric inks insulate electronics to enhance durability and prevent unwanted current flow in end-use applications.

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Advanced ink solutions for seamless connectivity

Our LOCTITE® portfolio includes pad-printable functional inks designed for direct printing onto 3D-shaped surfaces, eliminating wires, etching, or electroplating. We advance antenna technologies for RFID, 5G, and large-scale industrial applications, enhancing interconnectivity and efficiency.

Maximize your application's potential with Henkel

Thin and lightweight

Compatible with diverse substrates for lightweight, stretchable devices.

Rapid iteration

Portfolio facilitates rapid prototyping and iteration to quickly test and execute new ideas.

High-speed printing

Design for high-speed printing and efficient mass production without compromising quality.

Customizable solutions

Enables custom-shaped circuitry that can be integrated into curved surfaces.

Sustainable manufacturing

Reduces environmental impact through an additive process with weight reduction in applications.

Diverse applications

Supports the development of electronic devices suitable for a wide range of markets.

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Advanced materials for efficient heating

Our LOCTITE® PTC inks offer innovative heating solutions with self-regulating heating properties. This technology provides fast, safe, and efficient heating with uniform temperature distribution for consistent heat without the risk of overheating, perfect for automotive, wearable, and smart home devices.

Traditional electronics applications can be overly complex

Traditional electronics applications have been known to be thick, mostly rigid, not reworkable, and difficult to integrate. LOCTITE® has more than four decades of material formulation expertise in printed electronics, an additive technology that is thin, lightweight, flexible, and suitable for high-volume production. 

Conductive inks and coatings of printed electronics in a jar
Screen printing process of printed electronic inks

LOCTITE material solutions provide the advantage

Our team of technical experts will guide you in selecting the best LOCTITE® material for your target application and provide technical support during the process. If required, we will connect you to our extensive ecosystem of trusted industry partners, including printers, to ensure you can move from material selection to production seamlessly and bring your printed electronics vision to life.

Wearable smart healthcare solution utilizing Henkel’s printed electronics

Smart healthcare solutions

Henkel is at the heart of healthcare innovation. Our LOCTITE® portfolio is key to developing advanced medical biosensors and electrodes. Henkel's technology and access to an ecosystem of partners ensures that these devices are highly reliable and safe for patient use, reflecting our dedication to advancing healthcare through innovation.

Innovative smart surface solutions through Henkel printed electronics

Smart surface solutions

Henkel transforms ordinary surfaces into smart surfaces by enabling the integration of conductive circuitry that responds to touch, senses environmental signals, heats up, or even detects water leaks. Our LOCTITE® portfolio is suitable for integrating various industries, from automotive dashboards to industrial sensing applications.

Round surface featuring printed electronics antenna technology

Smart connectivity solutions

In our increasingly connected world, Henkel supports the 5G transformation to enhance connectivity and communication capabilities. Our LOCTITE® portfolio enables seamless integration and operation in a highly connected world, whether in smart cards, RFID, pad-printed 5G antennas, or large-area industrial applications.

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