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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Metal processing solutions

Metal processing solutions enable next-generation vehicle manufacturing across the value chain, from molten metal to final component.
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Find automotive metal processing solutions

Explore our versatile range of products for automotive lubricants, metalworking fluids, cleaners and surface treatment. We offer a broad choice of products to match all types of application requirements. Visit our e-Catalog to explore all the different types of solutions available.


Boron or bactericide

BONDERITE DualCys Technology can be recycled through automatic dosing into machining fluid emulsion to reduce waste, water, product consumption and CO2 emissions.


Reduction in sludge

TecTalis Thin-film Process powered by BONDERITE significantly decreases sludge generation compared to a standard zinc phosphate process.


Increase in tool life

BONDERITE PULS Process lowers friction and improves lubricity during automotive cold forming.
More efficient, more sustainable, more capable electric vehicle future

Henkel offers a broad portfolio of cleaning, lubricant and surface treatment solutions for the entire BEV value chain. Watch as we provide an animated look at key solutions, including lubricants for aluminum gigascasting, neutral cleaners for part cleanliness and surface treatment for reduced sludge generation, water and energy use.

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Enabling high-performance, lightweight parts, while improving production efficiency

Automotive OEMs and suppliers are working to meet competing needs in today's vehicle market. From reducing vehicle weight through introducing lightweight metals, such as aluminum, to identifying ways to streamline production processes, vehicle manufacturers are looking for solutions that meet all of these needs and more.

Etch passivation process answers the call

Our OEM-approved etch-passivation process, BONDERITE M-NT 2040 R2, is a chromium-free metal pretreatment process used for aluminum battery housings. The process combines etching and passivation into one step, while eliminating a rinse stage - reducing processing steps from eight to six. Resulting surface conditions are stable and corrosion resistant, preventing re-oxidation and re-passivation for 4-12 weeks - providing an extended storage period before welding and bonding operations.

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Enabling the vehicle of the future

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Sustainability in metal processing solutions
Robust portfolio of sustainable solutions, including boron-free processing fluids, neutral pickling, surface treatment to reduce sludge and remote monitoring for quality management and line efficiency.

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TecTalis Thin-Film delivers maximum paint performance
Reduce CO2 emissions by cutting direct energy demand with thin-film TecTalis process powered by BONDERITE®.
Ambient conversion coating bath temperatures, process efficiencies and line compatibility work together to reduce energy consumption and promote manufacturing sustainability.

Why choose Henkel's metal processing solutions?

Technical expertise & market-leading formulations

Leveraging over 60+ years' expertise, Henkel's automotive team delivers unparalleled global application and process knowledge.

More efficient processes

Enhance efficiency and productivity through automated dosing and process monitoring systems for streamlined operations.

Ensure robust processes with short cycles & extended tool life

Enhance metal forming processes with BONDERITE lubricants, ensuring optimal die protection and efficient production rates.

Reduce coolant consumption up to 70 percent

Minimize coolant use, enhance tool life, ensure part cleanliness with Henkel's machining fluids meeting environmental standards.

Use less energy and reduce waste

Maximize corrosion protection, minimize energy, waste, and water usage with our surface treatment solutions.

Save costs

Reduces costs due by reducing the need for frequent reapplication and minimizing downtime for lubrication maintenance.

Metal process solutions for automotive components

Henkel's Surface Treatment and Cleaners & Lubricants business for automotive components offers process solutions across the value chain, from liquid metal to final part. Our robust process expertise is available globally, enabling customers around the world to effectively use our products with stable, quality results.

Animated image of control unit used for automotive cloud-based monitoring

Reducing Wastewater with Lineguard

A tier 1 automotive supplier recognized that manually adjust water valves for continous overflow was inefficient and imprecise. Henkel's cloud-based monitoring system, Lineguard, replaced the water valves to automate water usage. As a result, the supplier improved rinse quality and reduced water consumption on an annual basis.

Image of process steps used during automotive cold forming, including pre-treat, treat, dry and cold form

Cold Forming with BONDERITE PULS Process

While well established, traditional metal cold forming processes have drawbacks, including high acid usage, energy consumption and phosphate sludge. BONDERITE PULS operates at room temperature to reduce energy use and eliminates up to six tons of sludge per year, reducing cleaner and disposal costs.

TecTalis Thin-Film Process

The TecTalis Thin-Film Process powered by BONDERITE® reduces CO2, energy consumption, and water usage. It offers 100% elimination of heavy metals like nickel, manganese, or zinc phosphate and virtual elimination of sludge. The TecTalis Process is compatible with all substrates and existing process lines, making for an easy transition to more sustainable metal pretreatment.

Two-Step Process

The use of aluminum is increasing as OEM and manufacturers continue to mix metals and reduce the weight of vehicles while maintaining federal safety standards. For the metal pretreatment process of these lightweight and mixed metal substrates, Henkel has developed our innovative Zinc Phosphate Two-Step Process, giving you higher better process efficiency, technical performance, and sustainability.


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