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Smart maintenance / IIoT

Boost your maintenance processes with LOCTITE® Pulse, an IIoT Solution to stay ahead of your plant status. Once sensors are installed, you can monitor critical assets in a single app. Receive notifications when irregularities have been measured. Empower operations for minimal downtime, enhanced safety, and sustainability.
Two professionals working in a plant with steam trap

Find smart maintenance solutions

  • Smart Rotating Equipment

  • Smart Flange

  • Smart Steam Trap


Safer work environments

Reduces risks due to planned maintenance.


Reduced maintenance costs

Through predictive maintenance, limiting unplanned downtime.


Increased equipment uptime

Through ongoing asset monitoring and data-driven decisions.

Note: above results are derived from general studies

Listen to your equipment’s heartbeat

LOCTITE® Pulse, powered by 70 years of industrial expertise, is redefining industrial reliability. From cutting-edge monitoring technology to trusted solutions for both static and rotating equipment, our Industrial Internet of Things Solutions are designed to help you stay ahead of your plant failures, reduce downtime, and improve safety as well as sustainability.

Image of a maintenance professional monitoring plant using smart tools

Are you able to monitor your critical assets with just a few clicks?

The operations of every industrial plant rely on maintaining the performance of critical equipment, however the majority of companies recognize that their maintenance programs are not very efficient. In many cases a lack of manpower means that assets are operating at longer intervals without inspection or maintenance.

If an equipment failure goes undetected it can mean a loss of productivity, a significant energy loss, or even possible environmental contamination. And unscheduled or emergency maintenance to restore operations can mean significant downtime and an increased likelihood of safety incidents.

Receive notifications and monitor assets 24/7

The Pulse web app lets you monitor your critical assets with a few clicks. It makes maintenance easy: thanks to alerts and equipment status, it becomes effortless to prioritize tasks and schedule shutdowns. All without any IT implications or hassle.

The Pulse web app also tracks your sustainability impact. Giving you a consolidated view of the CO2 emissions and energy waste attributed to assets and empowering you to identify and address the most crucial areas.

Image of Loctite Pulse App

LOCTITE® Pulse : disrupting the plant maintenance operations

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Behind the Pulse - experience smart maintenance at Henkel
Join Dr. Kourosh Bahrami, our Senior VP, as he takes you on an exciting, entrepreneurial journey through the world of Smart Maintenance with LOCTITE® Pulse! Dive deep into the rich heritage of LOCTITE and discover how it can supercharge industrial plants on their digitalization path.

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Henkel's IIoT journey
As customer zero and the most demanding user, witness Henkel's IIoT digitalization since 2019. With 500+ LOCTITE® Pulse Smart Steam Traps in action, discover how Henkel leads in energy efficiency, cost savings, and proactive issue resolution. The video spotlights Henkel's dedication to a sustainable future with IIoT transformative impact on operations and plants processes.

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Shell success story
Shell uses LOCTITE® Pulse for their chemicals and energy locations. Find out how they implement smart monitoring solutions and how they benefit from them.

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H&R Group success story
The LOCTITE® Pulse customer H&R Group gives an insight into the importance of predictive maintenance and how the future of smart-maintenance lies within an easy-to-use app.

Why choose LOCTITE IIoT solutions?

Easy implementation

Provides plug-and-play solution for your critical assets without IT implications or hassle.

All-in-one platform

Monitor a wide range of critical static and rotating equipment.

MRO expertise

Leveraging 70+ years of LOCTITE industrial expertise and repair solutions for efficient fixes and enhanced reliability.

Universal fit

Retrofit installation seamlessly integrates with ongoing operations, regardless of the equipment brand, ensuring minimal disruption.

Intuitive app

Simple to use app without no additional training needed.

Cut costs

Provides substantial time and cost advantage due to streamlined operations and increased productivity.

Recognition for our innovative achievements

LOCTITE® Pulse’s simple but effective solutions are widely regarded as being among the best in the industry. Our innovations have been honored with the “Engineering product of the year 2023” award by the DEA as well as the “Digital innovation award 2023” by BEMAS.

Image of Henkel's award for LOCTITE Pulse
Image of industrial rotating device

Smart rotating equipment

Monitor critical rotating equipment remotely 24/7 with LOCTITE® Pulse. Enjoy seamless plug-and-play installation—simply stick it on and gain insights on six key parameters, enhancing your ability to leverage strong AI for smarter decisions. Benefit from its fully wireless, battery-powered capability, approved for hazardous areas, and supported by 70+ years of LOCTITE expertise for unparalleled reliability.

Image of an industrial flange

Smart Flange

LOCTITE® Pulse Smart Flange Leak Detection is an easy-to-use smart maintenance solution that can detect early leakages and may predict critical incidents. You can monitor critical assets in a web-based app and receive notifications when irregularities have been measured.

This enables operators to react in a timely manner and decrease the risk of leaks growing.

Image of an industrial steam trap

Smart Steam Trap

Critical conditions on your steam trap can lead to serious consequences. This is why it is even more important to act instead of react. With the LOCTITE® Pulse Smart Steam Trap solution you keep track of your critical assets via smart sensor, easy to install and easy to use. The data will then be visualized on your mobile device via an app, simple and intuitive.


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