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Smart Flange

LOCTITE® Pulse Smart Flange for leak detection is an easy-to-use smart maintenance solution that can detect early leakages and may predict critical incidents. You can monitor critical assets in a web-based app and receive notifications when irregularities have been measured. This enables operators to react in a timely manner and decrease the risk of leaks growing.
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Safer work environments

When leveraging predictive maintenance as most injuries happen when people work off-plan.


Less maintenance costs

Handling an emergency caused by a leaking flange is typically more than 10 times more costly than fixing malfunctions predictively.

Up to 700 T

Of avoidable emissions

A typical refinery or chemical plant emits up to 700 tons per year of unwanted emissions from leaking equipment and connectors like flanges.

Note: above results are derived from general studies

Monitor your Flange’s Pulse

Industrial plants are complex systems with thousands of assets working at the same time. Monitoring them and keeping track of their health status can be very challenging, especially if they are located in hard-to-reach areas. Leaking flanges can easily be overlooked and cause damage to the plant and the environment.

But luckily, LOCTITE has developed a smart and easy-to-use solution for your plant. Find out how LOCTITE® Pulse smart system makes monitoring easier than ever and reduces risks, costs, and time expenditure simultaneously.

Image depicting flange failure

Flange leaks are a big problem

There are thousands of flanges in almost all systems in the process industry – many of which are highly critical. Critical flanges must be checked regularly. This can be very time-consuming due to insulation, cladding, or poor accessibility. Leaks can have serious consequences for the safety of employees, the environment, and the system itself.

With every hour that a leak goes unnoticed, the risk to your employees, systems, and the environment increases. The leak can also potentially become more and more expensive to repair. It is not uncommon for the entire process to have to be switched off.

With the LOCTITE® Pulse Smart Flange solution, you benefit from intelligent monitoring of your flanges, thereby reducing the risk of environmental damage caused by leaking substances and other adverse consequences.

How the Smart Flange solution can help

Our smart flange solution is designed to support early leak detection. Allowing you to be proactive instead of reactive, increase the plant’s safety, and protecting the environment from any damage that leakages would cause.

LOCTITE® Pulse Smart Flange retrofit solutions are easy to use and can be installed quickly, easily, and non-intrusively – no shutdown required. So you can start monitoring your flanges in a short time.

Image of Loctite smart flange

LOCTITE® Pulse solution

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Smart Flange installation
LOCTITE® Pulse Smart Flange can be installed quickly, easily, and perhaps most importantly, non-intrusively - no shutdown required. Watch the video to see how.

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Shell success story
Shell uses LOCTITE® Pulse for their chemicals and energy locations. Find out how they implement smart monitoring solutions and how they benefit from them.

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H&R Group success story
The LOCTITE® Pulse customer H&R Group gives an insight into the importance of predictive maintenance and how the future of smart-maintenance lies within an easy-to-use app.

Why choose LOCTITE Smart Flange solutions?


Novel, patented carbon nanotube technology that supports quick detection of hydrocarbon leaks.

Planned maintenance

Secondary containment can slow down leakages and gives you more time to plan maintenance & repairs.

24X7 asset monitoring

Always-on monitoring of flanges in a single app.


Robust, consistent, and hydrocarbon-specific signal generation.

Strong and flexible

Pick silicone or composite secondary containment for easy installation and removal or mechanical robustness.

Ease of installation

Fast installation without need for a plant shutdown.

LOCTITE® app setup:


Thanks to the LOCTITE Pulse app, gaining and visualizing big amounts of data has never been easier. The web-based LOCTITE Pulse app lets you monitor all your critical assets with just a few clicks. Try out the app and never miss a beat of your equipment’s pulse.

Image of Henkel's steam trap App

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