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Smart Steam Trap

Critical conditions on your steam trap can lead to serious consequences. This is why it is even more important to act instead of react. With the LOCTITE® Pulse Smart Steam Trap solution you always keep track of your critical assets via smart sensor, easy to install and easy to use. The data will then be visualized on your mobile device via an app, simple and intuitive.
Two professionals working in a plant with steam trap


Failure rate of steam traps

Faulty steam traps lead to substantial energy waste and hinder plant efficiency.

Up to 560 T

Of avoidable emissions annually

Estimates from LOCTITE Pulse value calculator with 100 Steam Traps featuring LOCTITE Pulse in specific condition.


LOCTITE Pulse Smart Steam Traps

Installed at Henkel plant generating positive ROI within the first year.

Note: above results are derived from general studies

Monitor your critical steam trap’s Pulse

It is hard to keep track of all smart steam traps in a plant. When there are thousands of individual assets working at the same time, one defect can easily go unnoticed, especially when you don’t monitor them frequently. The consequences can be costly, from energy loss, CO2 emissions, deteriored end product but also impact the productivity of the plant. This is why it is even more important to avoid problems before they happen.

LOCTITE has developed a smart and easy-to-use solution that helps you to get notified about irregularities and be able to act instead of react. Find out how LOCTITE Pulse smart monitoring helps you to keep an eye on your equipment status 24X7.

Image depicting steam trap failure

The impact of Steam Trap failure is huge

Almost every industrial plant has a large number of steam traps with a potentially significant impact on the performance, resource consumption, and sustainability of the plant. With lack of manpower in maintenance and longer intervals between manual inspections, broken steam traps can go undetected for a long period of time and cause significant energy loss, increased fuel consumption, and unnecessary CO2 emissions.

Increasing the number of manual inspections to regularly monitor hundreds and thousands of steam traps requires additional labor cost and expenses. Insufficient removal of condensate inside the steam trap significantly increases the risk of damage to the steam system, potentially causing long downtimes and affecting people’s safety.

Our Smart Steam Trap is the solution

LOCTITE® Pulse helps you to constantly monitor your steam traps to save costs and improve sustainability and efficiency. Thanks to the continuous reporting of failures, 24/7, 365 days a year, you can detect any issues as soon as they happen and are able to act quickly. Our smart steam trap solution has a high failure detection probability and applies to all relevant steam trap failure types.

LOCTITE® Pulse Smart Steam Trap Flanges are retrofit solutions that can be installed quickly, easily, and non-intrusively – no shutdown required. So you can start monitoring all your steam traps in a short time.

Image of Loctite steam trap

LOCTITE® Pulse solution

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Smart Steam Trap installation
LOCTITE® Pulse Smart Steam Trap can be installed quickly, easily, and perhaps most importantly, non-intrusively – no shutdown required. Watch the video to see how.

Why choose LOCTITE Steam Trap solutions?

Cost savings

Estimate potential savings and steam and energy losses – directly in the app.

All-in-one solution

Detection of all relevant types of steam trap failure.


High accuracy of detecting even the smallest failures.

24X7 asset monitoring

Always-on monitoring of smart steam traps in a single app.

Quick and easy rollout

Start monitoring steam traps in a short time.

Ease of installation

Fast installation, retrofit sensor, no shutdown required.

LOCTITE® app setup:


LOCTITE® Pulse Smart Steam Trap monitoring offers unparalleled ease of implementation and unique AI capabilities. It embodies the new way of thinking needed to maximize value from IIoT and Industry 4.0; delivering continuous monitoring of steam traps, detection of blocked steam traps, and other asset irregularities.

Pattern recognition algorithms continuously analyze unique steam trap cycle patterns to derive steam trap condition. The status also provides detection of steam loss – saved CO2 emissions and energy costs so that you can assess your sustainability impact.

Image of Henkel's smart flange App

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