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Smart Pipe and Tank

The LOCTITE Pulse Smart Pipes & Smart Tanks offer an advanced retrofit monitoring solution for early-stage hydrocarbon leak detection.
LOCTITE Pulse user checking their pipe and tank leak monitoring with tablet

~600 tons/yr

Volatile Organic Compounds

Emitted by a typical refinery from leaking equipment

~$7 Billion

Lost property damage

Over the past three decades due to pipeline accidents in USA 

$480 Million

Estimated cleanup cost

From a Keystone pipeline leak in Kansas (2022)

Note: above results are derived from general studies

Detect leaks with LOCTITE Pulse Smart Tank
Monitor your pipe and tank's Pulse

With the LOCTITE®Pulse Smart Pipe and Tank Leak Detection solution, you gain intelligent monitoring, supporting early detection of leakages and environmental hazards.

Pipe leaks can be detected by LOCTITE Pulse Smart Pipe

Pipe and Tank leaks pose a major risk for businesses and environment

Leaks from damage, corrosion, and other factors can lead to significant harm, particularly in critical assets like pipes and tanks. Hydrocarbon liquid leaks, often underestimated, pose environmental risks such as water contamination and fire hazards. The challenge persists as possible leaks may remain undetected over extended periods, further compounded by the limitations of manual inspection methods.

How LOCTITE Pulse Smart Leak Detection can help

Our Smart Leak detection solution for pipe and tank is designed to support early leak detection. Allowing you to be proactive instead of reactive. This approach aims to enhance the plat's safety and mitigate potential environmental damage caused by leaks.

LOCTITE® Pulse retrofit solutions are easy to use and can be installed quickly, easily, and non-intrusively – no shutdown required. So you can start monitoring your equipment in a short amount of time.

LOCTITE Pulse Smart Pipe monitoring for detecting pipe leaks

LOCTITE® Pulse solution

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Shell success story
Shell uses LOCTITE® Pulse for their chemicals and energy locations. Find out how they implement smart monitoring solutions and how they benefit from them.

Why choose LOCTITE Smart Pipe & Tank solutions?


Novel, patented carbon nanotube technology that supports quick detection of hydrocarbon leaks.

Planned maintenance

Continuous reporting of failures – 24/7, 365 days a year.

Ongoing asset monitoring

Always-on monitoring of pipe and tank failures, in a single app from any devices.


Robust, consistent, and hydrocarbon-specific signal generation.

Quick and easy roll out

Start monitoring of pipes & tanks in a short time.

Ease of installation

Retrofit -fast installation, no shutdown required.



Thanks to the LOCTITE Pulse app, gaining and visualizing big amounts of data has never been easier. The web-based LOCTITE Pulse app lets you monitor all your critical assets with just a few clicks. Try out the app and never miss a beat of your equipment’s pulse.

LOCTITE Pulse application for monitoring critical assets

Find LOCTITE Pulse Smart Maintenance solutions

  • Smart maintenance / IIoT

  • Smart Rotating Equipment

  • Smart Flange

  • Smart Steam Trap

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