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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Thermally conductive grease

Ensure high thermal transfer on an interface with superior surface wetting and minimal bondline thicknesses.
An example of thermally conductive grease applied.

Great thermal performance and heat dissipation in high-watt density applications

Thermal grease materials pair strong heat dissipating performance with small bondline thickness. This solution lowers thermal resistance to maximize performance and offers perfect wet-out performance in comparison to other products. For more details on the qualities and benefits of thermally conductive grease, please watch the video.

An example of thermal grease material on a rack server.

What is thermal conductive grease?

Thermally conductive grease is a type of one-component thermal management material designed to manage and dissipate heat generated in increasingly powerful devices.

Single component greases are thermally conductive compounds that connect a heat source to a thermal spreading device. These flexible, high-performance thermal conductive grease products are useful in many thermal settings, such as heat sinks and almost all electrical applications. They offer fantastic thermal management performance and application flexibility to suit a wide range of assemblies.

Thermal conductive greases offer low thermal impedance and resistance, which improves the overall thermal conductivity of a system to improve the performance and reliability of devices.

Why use Henkel thermally conductive grease?

For manufacturers with a preference for traditional thermally conductive grease compounds, Henkel offers several REACH/RoHS-compliant formulations that fit a wide range of applications. Used in high-performance applications where a small bondline thickness is essential for high thermal performance, our LOCTITE® Bergquist® brand thermally conductive greases offer immediate functionality upon application and fantastic thermal performance.

Photo of bergquist thermally conductive grease applied to metal electronic component on a blue printed circuit board.
Application of Bergquist phase change thermal interface material to chip surface represents alternative to thermal grease.

Available in cartridges or bulk containers, Henkel’s thermal greases include high-performance, high-temperature reliability, thermal conductive silicone grease, silicone-free, and water-cleanable formulas.

The line of thermally conductive thermal interface compounds (TIC) offers a range of products designed to flow under assembly pressure to wet-out the thermal interface surfaces and produce very low thermal impedance.

TIC products are suitable for many assemblies and components, offering improved thermal performance and reliability of assembly. They are often deployed in applications between a high-end computer processor and a heat sink, or other high-watt density applications.

Why choose thermal greases?

Low interfacial resistance

Offering low interfacial resistance to maximize thermal management performance.

Lower thermal impedance

Providing lower thermal impedance to allow for better conductivity within an application.

Dripping resistant

Resistant to dripping to ensure grease stays in place and reduces the risk of mess.

Wide range of applications

Ideally suited to a range of applications, including both dispensing and screen-printing applications.

No post-cure conditioning

Don’t require post-cure conditioning, speeding up the production process overall.

Excellent wet-out performance

Perfect wet-out performance when compared to alternative thermal products.
An example of Thermal Grease applied to a product

Choosing a thermal grease

The thermally conductive grease compound portfolio is made up of a range of products with diverse thermal characteristics. These all dictate which product is the best option for your specific application and needs. When choosing your thermal grease compound, considerations will include:

  • Required viscosity for flow needs in your application
  • The required level of thermal resistance for your heat-dissipating needs
  • Level of thermal conductivity required
  • The thermal performance, depending on the heat generated within a device
  • Size of the gap that must be filled within a device
  • The type of resin required for use
Photo of thermal grease under TCLAD

Explore thermal grease applications

The portfolio of thermally conductive grease products is highly versatile and can be used in a wide range of assembly applications. Thermal greases can be used in such applications as:

  • Between computer processors and heat sinks
  • In high-watt density assemblies
  • In power semiconductors


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