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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Thermally conductive adhesives

Combine strong bonding with robust thermal performance in a range of assemblies when you choose Henkel heat-conducting adhesives.
Thermally conductive adhesive applied to an electronic chip as a heat sink is being placed on top.
Photo of power transistors using thermally conductive adhesive and heat sinks for thermal management

Find thermal adhesive products

LOCTITE® Bergquist® thermally conductive adhesive products can be used across many electronic applications. Choose between tapes, films and liquids to effectively bond materials and provide heat dissipation with one simple product. Explore the full range:

Combining strong bonding with robust thermal performance

To suit a wide range of applications, thermal adhesives are available as liquids, tapes and films. Thermally conductive adhesives also reduce gaps as they are easily conformable while maintaining bondlines. This thermal management solution removes the need for clips and screws for assembly. For more details on the qualities and benefits of thermal conductive adhesives, please watch the video.

Thermally conductive adhesive placed on top of a chip as a heat sink is placed on top.

What are thermally conductive adhesives?

Thermally conductive adhesives provide effective bonding power to join components and deliver effective thermal management in heat-generating components.  Formulated in multiple media, including silicone, polyurethane, resins, and epoxy, thermally conductive adhesives help meet thermal management objectives and eliminate the need for space-restrictive mechanical fasteners, like screws and clips.

LOCTITE® Bergquist® thermally conductive adhesives are available in pad, liquid, and laminate forms, and application can be automated with dispensing or custom placement solutions. LOCTITE® Bergquist® thermally conductive adhesives deliver a reliable, long-lasting connection, effective heat dissipation in devices, and better cost efficiency.

Why use LOCTITE® Bergquist® thermally conductive adhesives?

Henkel thermally conductive adhesive products combine fantastic bonding abilities with unrivaled thermal management capabilities. This allows for necessary heat dissipation in heat-generating components, while also reducing the need for clips and screws. This makes conductive adhesives the perfect option when assembling smaller, lighter electronics. 

Our range of thermal adhesive products comes in a wide range of options to suit specific industry and application needs. Whether tapes, liquids or films, every product has its own specification across a range of features, including color, thickness, and thermal conductivity. 

LOCTITE® Bergquist® thermally conductive adhesives:

  • Remove the need for fasteners such as screws or clips
  • Come in film, tape or liquid form for any application
  • Include thermally and electronically-conductive options
  • Are available in pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) or laminating formats
Bond-Ply material applied between transistors and heat sink and transistors and heat spreader.

Why choose thermally conductive adhesives?

Heat dissipation

Industry-leading heat dissipation to improve component longevity and thermal performance.

Replace mechanical fasteners

Strong bonds and gapless performance to enhance uniformity across seals and negate the need for mechanical fasteners.

Available in a variety of media

Come in film, tape or liquid form for any application.


Easily conformable to reduce gaps and voids in components with a thinner bondline.

Automation ready

Easily automated and reworkable to integrate thermally conductive adhesives easily into your production.

Choosing a thermally conductive adhesive.

LOCTITE® Bergquist® thermally conductive glue products can be used across many electronic applications. Choose between tapes, films and liquid glues to effectively bond materials and provide heat dissipation with one simple product. Explore all our thermally conductive adhesives and find the one that is right for your application.

3D illustration of LIQUI-FORM being dispensed.
An example of thermally conductive tape adhesives being applied to an electronics board.

Tape adhesives

The BOND PLY family of adhesives is both thermally conductive and electrically isolating. BOND PLY materials, available in PSA or laminating formats, provide for the decoupling of bonded materials with mismatched coefficients of thermal expansion. BOND PLY offers:

  • A replacement to heat cure adhesives
  • A screw mounting and clip mounting alternative
An example of Thermally Conductive Film Adhesives being applied to an electronics board

Film adhesives

When there is a requirement for bonding large areas or joining complex parts, thermal adhesive films are the preferred materials. Larger bonding areas are problematic for liquid-based mediums as voids may result.

Films, however, deliver uniform, void-free bondlines, and controlled thicknesses. Supplied in custom, pre-cut formats, Henkel’s line of thermal adhesive films offers a clean, waste-free, easily-processed solution with a low total cost of ownership in thermally and electrically conductive formulas.

An example of thermally conductive liquid adhesive being applied to an electronics board.

Liquid adhesives

Henkel’s liquid adhesives – sometimes referred to as thermally conductive glue – provide robust mechanical attachment, allowing for the elimination of fasteners such as screws and clips. This also helps reduce device size and weight to align with electronics miniaturization protocols.

These form-in-place elastomers are ideal for coupling PCB-mounted heat-producing electronic components with an adjacent metal case or heat sink. With the ability to maintain thin bondlines and excellent thermal paths, LOCTITE® Bergquist® brand liquid adhesives enable excellent thermal management performance and the ability to simplify and uniform application through the use of automatic dispensing systems.



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