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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies


Cleaner, leaner, and greener

Throughout history, metals have shaped civilizations. Today, metals can also accelerate sustainability. By combining innovative metal processing products with application systems and strong technical expertise and support, manufacturers can maximize productivity, and reduce costs while doing so responsibly.

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Cr free Henkel metal pretreatment



energy savings with our low temperature cleaners


Of aluminum

ever produced is still in use today

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Strong respect for our planet

Sustainability is a deep responsibility that requires collective effort and tangible action. With innovative metal cleaning, pretreatment, and conversion solutions. Henkel is helping manufacturers achieve greater commercial impact with less environmental impact to make a difference today and for generations to come.

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Innovating for better productivity

Metal manufacturers continually strive to improve the performance and productivity of manufacturing processes. Advanced metal cleaning & pretreatment materials help by reducing the amount of paint needed for topcoats, speeding up processes, and saving production costs while enhancing the end-use performance and appearance of metals. Together we are forging a new era of innovation and a better world.

Advancing sustainability

The future of metals manufacturing rides on accelerating innovation while advancing sustainability. Across multiple industries, such as automotive, construction, and steel manufacturing, high-performance surface treatments can reduce energy consumption and waste while making surfaces beautiful.

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Less energy, lower costs with metal pretreatment

When producing parts made of steel, aluminum or other metals, it is impossible to avoid soiling in the form of oil, oxides or dust. Learn more about a new alternative and sustainable cleaning methodology.


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