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Prince Manufacturing goes beyond the most stringent quality requirements

Prince Manufacturing is a company that makes things better. Its business model focuses on eliminating waste, cutting costs and reducing risks across a wide range of industries by providing truly lean contract manufacturing for the fabrication, forming, finishing and assembly of metal and composite products. Many of its customers operate in the automotive sector, where quality requirements are stringent. That’s why Prince has been partnering with Henkel for almost 15 years to keep pushing for more efficiency, productivity and sustainability – and to go beyond even the highest expectations.

Why is this partnership so strong? Because Henkel doesn’t just drop off the chemistry. Prince also has round-the-clock access to world-leading expertise and technical support from Henkel. Together, teams from Prince and Henkel constantly review and optimize the metal coating processes at its sites. This includes using immersion tank and spray applications for a wide range of metals, with traditional zinc phosphate solutions as well as innovative Zirconium-based technologies. As a result, Prince is able to meet stringent quality requirements for corrosion protection and adhesion. It also supports sustainability by cutting wastewater, eliminating sludge and reducing energy use for process heating.

Henkel’s team offers regular feedback on how Prince’s systems are running and where there is potential to further boost efficiency and productivity. On top of this, experts from Henkel’s global team provide training and engage in workshops with Prince to keep driving progress together, while Prince also enjoys full access to Henkel’s laboratory services worldwide. It’s a longstanding partnership that is characterized by constant communication and continuous improvement. And the people at the heart of this partnership share a common passion for making things better – every day and in every way.

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About Prince Manufacturing

Clark Pulley Industries is a leading manufacturer of steel pulleys for outdoor power equipment, agri-business and the appliance industries. It is based in Russellville, Alabama. Its growing team is proud to work closely with customers to provide hands-on support for all manufacturing processes and make sure every experience delivers complete satisfaction.

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