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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Partnering for a sustainable future

Working with Henkel to develop and implement sustainable innovations
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Each year, Yarış Kabin produces about 70,000 operator safety cabins for tractors and construction machinery – and exports them to four continents. Its team are constantly seeking to improve the efficiency and sustainability of its manufacturing processes. And the Turkish company has been partnering with Henkel and using BONDERITE solutions to make positive progress since the late 90s.

Experts from Henkel regularly visit Yarış Kabin’s production site and work alongside the local employees. To explore potential process improvements, they conduct tests and analyze results together. Henkel experts provide technical training to optimize its specific applications too. Of course, solutions from BONDERITE open up opportunities for Yarış Kabin to boost performance, safety and sustainability. Based on the strong partnership in Turkey plant, the companies are now also working together in Hungary plant.

“It’s really valuable for us to have a partner that comes to us with innovative and environmentally-compatible solutions,” Ferhat Yarış says. “But to be honest, that’s what we expect from a world-leading solution provider like Henkel – now and in the future.”

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