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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

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Clark Pulley and Henkel, a strong partnership for more than 25 years
This is an image which represents the Clark Pulley and Henkel collaboration.

Clark Pulley is committed to manufacturing high quality products – and Henkel has been by their side on that journey for 25 years. It’s a story that goes back to 1995, when Clark Pulley installed a new production line with support from Henkel’s engineering experts. This move helped boost quality, safety and sustainability by enabling a switch away from vapor degreasers and wet spray aluminum enamel processes. Clark Pulley manufactures up to 36,000 steel pulleys daily. 

To optimize their processes, Clark Pulley uses Henkel’s BONDERITE M-PP chemical autodeposition process to build the thickness of the coating, rather than using an electric charge. It is a perfect fit for Clark Pulley’s products because it only coats the metal, not the rubber seal around the bearings. The low-temperature application also avoids damage to the rubber, and its small process footprint frees up space and resources. The technology creates a uniform coating that saves money for Clark Pulley and its customers by eliminating the need for an additional top coat. And it is also a sustainable solution with no heavy metals, low VOC, and less energy consumption than typical processes. Clark Pulley is even able to send its wastewater into the municipal system without the need for expensive treatment steps.

Every month, Henkel experts visit Russellville, Alabama, to work alongside Clark Pulley’s on-site team and optimize its processes. The partners join forces to develop solutions for any challenges that arise, and they explore fresh ways of driving growth and winning customers. New employees at Clark Pulley also receive expert training from Henkel’s team, and there is open and constructive dialogue between the two companies at all times. This collaborative spirit is at the heart of the long-running partnership – and it is the fuel that moves Henkel and Clark Pulley forward on their shared journey to keep increasing efficiency, quality, safety and sustainability together.

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About Clark Pulley

Clark Pulley Industries is a leading manufacturer of steel pulleys for outdoor power equipment, agri-business and the appliance industries. It is based in Russellville, Alabama. Its growing team is proud to work closely with customers to provide hands-on support for all manufacturing processes and make sure every experience delivers complete satisfaction.

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