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Sustainable surface treatment success

BSH has partnered with Henkel to boost efficiency
This is an image for the Henkel and BSH collaboration story

BSH has big plans and ambitious targets for sustainability. That’s why Europe’s leading home appliance manufacturer chose Henkel as its partner for a special project aiming to save resources and cut emissions in the paintshop process at its washing machine production facility in Türkiye. This process consumed high volumes of water and energy. Together, the two partners engaged in close collaboration to find a leaner and greener alternative.

This is an image for the Henkel and BSH collaboration story

First, the teams experimented with NGC cleaner-coater solutions from Henkel. These technologies have delivered successful results for white goods companies that operate a surface treatment and powder coating process. However, the initial tests showed it was not fully compatible with cataphoresis.

Did BSH Türkiye and Henkel give up? No! In joint workshops, they developed a new formulation that offers outstanding corrosion resistance and paint adhesion when used in BSH Türkiye’s specific processes. This innovation is the world’s first ever approved cleaner and coater for cataphoresis processes. Its name is BONDERITE M-NT 41044 and it is now empowering BSH Türkiye to use 30 percent less water and 6 percent less energy in its process, while saving 100 metric tons of CO2 each year. The overall process has also been successfully streamlined from nine steps down to just five – and enables BSH Türkiye to make important progress with its ambitious targets and big plans for sustainability!

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