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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Reading Truck - a true partner for metal pretreatment

This case study demonstrates the partnership between Reading Truck and Henkel.
This is an image for the Henkel and Reading Truck case study.

Eight months ago, Reading Truck was searching for something special. The award-winning manufacturer of truck equipment, service trucks and truck bodies wanted to solve challenges related to its iron phosphate process – which generated sludge in its tanks, required a pre-cleaning step and wasn’t a true multi-metal approach. The team at Reading wanted a more sustainable chemistry for this process. But they didn’t just want a new supplier. They wanted a true partner to join them on a shared journey towards continuous process improvement. They began testing a wide range of technologies, and also spoke to the people behind those solutions to check out their potential for long-term collaboration.

BONDERITE M-NT 601 emerged as the best-suited solution for Reading Truck’s specific needs. This innovative single-stage cleaner-coater can be used on multiple substrates without any need for additional tanks or changes to the existing manufacturing process. It demonstrated impressive improvements to corrosion protection, and has opened up big contributions to sustainability by eliminating sludge, using less product, saving energy, cutting emissions and reducing waste.

On top of this, the team of experts from Henkel quickly formed a close bond with their counterparts at Reading Truck. Together, the partners are now working side-by-side to constantly optimize efficiency and sustainability. Henkel provides technical training for the Reading team, as well as ongoing monitoring of the application baths. This regular contact is creating a powerful connection as the companies move forward in a spirit of mutual trust. And as Henkel and Reading Truck learn from each other every day, there’s a bright future ahead for this exciting partnership.

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About Reading Truck

Reading Truck Group (“Reading”) is a business unit of J.B. Poindexter & Co., and an award-winning and innovative manufacturer of truck bodies and equipment. The Reading Truck Group consists of Reading Truck Body, the manufacturing arm of the business, and Reading Truck Equipment, the company-owned distribution and installation business. For 65 years, Reading has grown into one of the leading and largest truck equipment manufacturers in the United States. Based in Reading, PA, all products are proudly made in the United States using premium materials and advanced manufacturing techniques that ensure longevity and durability in the harshest of job sites. Find out more at

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