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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Aluminum components

Aluminum processors must treat the metal in several ways, requiring materials for degreasing, etching, anodizing, and conversion coatings. These materials provide a variety of finishes to meet varying industry needs. In addition, chrome-free coatings are available to meet regulatory requirements and sustainability goals.

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aluminum consumption expected to grow in the following decade.


consumption growth

is forecast from the transportation sector.


less energy

required to recycle, then to produce primary metal.

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Henkel’s longstanding expertise and innovative portfolio in cleaners, metal pretreatments, and coatings help aluminum component manufacturers, aluminum coaters, and anodizers improve materials and manufacturing processes. With industry know-how and tailored solutions, Henkel and its BONDERITE® technologies drive efficiency and reliability while advancing sustainability.

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Aluminum degreasing

Aluminum degreasing is crucial, removing contaminant to ensure the best process results. Specifically, BONDERITE® aluminum degreasers remove oils, magnesium oxide, and polishing pastes, support a large temperature and boost paint and lacquer adhesion. BONDERITE® degreasers are borate and silicate-free and suitable for high gloss aluminum, such as ultrasounds.

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Aluminum etching

Etching aluminum is an important step in the anodizing process and cleans the aluminum surface, removing all alloy metals that could interfere with the anodizing stage. BONDERITE® strong alkaline liquid products are developed specifically for aluminum to create different finishes from semi-gloss to E6 matt.

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Chrome-free conversion coatings

BONDERITE®, provides an extensive range of eco-friendly chrome-free conversion coatings based on zirconium or titanium for treating non-ferrous alloys. The process provides excellent corrosion resistance and paint adhesion with increased process stability.

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Chrome-based conversion coatings

Chromate conversion coatings passivate metals using an immersion bath process and are applied as a corrosion inhibitor, primer, decorative finish or to retain electrical conductivity. BONDERITE® chromate conversion coatings for aluminium are acid, liquid and powder products developed specifically for aluminum conversion coatings helping to simplify coating processes with the highest standards in corrosion protection and paint adhesion.

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Aluminum anodizing

Aluminum anodizing is a controlled oxidation process comprised of 5 distinct stages: cleaning, pretreatment, anodizing, coloring, and sealing. BONDERITE® solutions deliver superior cost-in-use and operational efficiency through a broad portfolio of cleaners, surface treatments, and coating products, improving manufacturing processes while increasing corrosion resistance, abrasion protection, insulation, and aesthetic appearance.

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