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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Steel coil

Steel coil is the world’s most-used metal. It’s strong, durable and reliable, while enabling valuable design flexibility. Innovative steel coil processing technologies help boost quality, efficiency, and sustainability from the rolling mill to the finishing line in industries such as automotive, architecture and construction, appliances, and more.

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A chromium-free future for the metals industry

Read our white paper and find out how chromium-free metal coil solutions deliver outstanding efficiency and performance of coatings – and six key reasons why companies should switch to chromium-free conversion coatings now.

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As the first step before cold rolling operations, solutions used in pickling have a big impact on later steps in the steel coil process and the properties of the final product. BONDERITE® pickling inhibitors enable better pickling with a brighter, more homogeneous surface. In addition, inhibitors reduce iron loss, which incurs savings greater than the cost of the inhibitors.

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Cold rolling

Cold rolling processes vary greatly based on the end-use application. They are a vitally important step making it possible to add valuable metallurgical qualities to steel coil. Across industries and end-use applications, optimization of the cold rolling process produces the best possible surface qualities.

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Steel coil cleaning

Several processes in steel coil production require very clean surfaces. Henkel provides strong alkaline industrial coil cleaners to deal with residues from the rolling operation, such as oil and iron. Henkel cleaners are used before hot-dipped galvanizing lines, electro-galvanizing lines, and tinning lines, and are compatible with lubricants, oils, and surface treatments.

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Wet-tempered fluids

Temper fluids for steel coil need to meet a wide range of performance requirements. They keep rolls and equipment clean to avoid staining or contamination, provide sufficient lubrication for the temper process based on the steel strength or elongation rate, and protect equipment and the strip against corrosion. BONDERITE® provides solutions for wet temper rolling (WTR) and double cold reduction (DCR).

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Good cleaning and pretreatment are essential to improve adhesion and avoid paint blistering. Non-rinse pretreatment solutions convert the metal surface into a non-metallic inorganic layer suitable for adhesion and corrosion protection. Because there is no wastewater, Henkel pretreatments contribute to sustainability while increasing process efficiency and reducing costs.

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Functional coatings

Coatings such as zinc-phosphating of electroplated galvanized steel, tinplate steel coil, and thin organic coatings improve adhesion and prevent corrosion.

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