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Cleaner, leaner and greener

Explore how our innovative cleaning solutions from BONDERITE® are empowering customers around the globe to increase efficiency and promote sustainability.
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People in the metal pretreatment industry spend a lot of time thinking about cleaning. Removing surface soils such as shop dust, blast media residues, rust, weld scales or lubricants is necessary before a part can move from one process step to the next. As the global leader for industrial cleaners, Henkel offers solutions for a uniquely wide range of applications. Our innovations are empowering customers around the globe to increase efficiency and promote sustainability.

Cleaning solutions

The BONDERITE® line of cleaning products from Henkel is used by metal processors for an increasingly wide range of applications. Whatever you need to clean, we’ve got the right solution. Our scientific experts have created alkaline, neutral and acidic cleaners for spray and immersion applications, including solvent and non-solvent-based products for every surface that can remove all types of soils. And that’s just the start…

Our customers gain a valuable competitive advantage from BONDERITE® cleaning solutions – with lower operating costs, increased efficiency and improved sustainability. On top of this, they’re often able to make their processes safer with our technologies, while also extending the lifetime of their equipment and machinery.

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Reimagining remanufacturing

In the remanufacturing industry, for example, special cleaning technologies from Henkel are used to refurbish components such as cast iron engine blocks. We take a full-process approach that optimizes cleaning, pretreatment, bonding and sealing. And our global team of trusted technical experts is always available to provide consultancy and laboratory services for your unique needs.

The remanufacturing market is growing – boosted by the global megatrend for sustainability. Tapping into this opportunity can be challenging because the processes involved are complex and quality expectations are high. By making it possible to remove both organic and inorganic soils in an efficient, safe and sustainable way, our cleaners open up attractive growth potential for our customers.

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Telling an inspirational new story

Our customers and contacts across the metals industry trust us to help them improve quality, efficiency and sustainability. Now, we’re giving these people a chance to tell their stories by welcoming them onto a high-profile stage – our BONDERITE® Chair. It’s a stunningly beautiful chair with a steel seat and aluminum sides. Of course, all of its parts were cleaned with solutions from our BONDERITE® range.

The chair visits our customers as part of our “BONDERITE® goes around the world” program. They’ll give straight-to-the-point testimonials about how our solutions for the metal pretreatment industry have created real value for their specific applications.

Watch out for updates about the BONDERITE® Chair on our website, LinkedIn page and other channels.

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    The BONDERITE® journey begins

    Through a special chair's journey, Henkels shares the story of our surface treatments, aiming to inspire industry enthusiasts globally.

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