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Temper fluids for steel coil

Learn about our metal technologies for every tempering process.
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This is an image of packed cold rolled steel coils.

Temper fluids for steel coil

Temper fluids need to meet a wide range of performance requirements. This includes keeping rolls and equipment clean to avoid staining or contamination of the strip, as well as providing sufficient lubrication for the temper process depending on the specific steel strength or elongation rate. They also protect equipment and the strip against corrosion.

This is an image of cold rolled steel coils.

Wet temper rolling (WTR)

BONDERITE® provides a wide range of technologies that can be used in hot-dipped galvanized (HDG) or cold-rolled steel (CRS) temper rolling processes, with specific formulas and alkalinity levels based on the exact material and process involved. Our solutions increase the roll life and reduce metallic fine generation. They are proven to deliver outstanding cleaning for the mill and the strip surface, and they offer excellent passivation compatibility with no negative impact on performance.

Our products can be applied as a standard pre-mix or using BONDERITE® LINEGUARD equipment for direct dosing.

This is an image of a worker in a metal coil warehouse.

Double cold reduction (DCR)

Double cold reduction (DCR) in tinplate cold rolling is a second step of reduction after the first cold rolling step and annealing. It achieves a thinner gauge and other specific properties depending on the intended final use of the metal.

BONDERITE® offers solutions for this process based on rolling oil dispersion in water to achieve fast speed, excellent strip characteristics, corrosion protection and other desirable properties. The BONDERITE® portfolio is compatible with all kinds of mill and all tempering processes.

This is an image of steel sheets on rolls.


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