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Cleaners for steel coil

Outstanding solutions for cleaning steel coil

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Cleaners for steel coil

There are several processes for steel coil production that require very clean surfaces. Henkel provides strong alkaline industrial coil cleaners to deal with residues from the rolling operation, such as oil and iron. Our cleaners are used before hot-dipped galvanizing lines, electro-galvanizing lines and tinning lines.

Henkel is able to develop cold rolling lubricants, rolling oils, alkaline cleaners and surface treatment products that fit together effectively and avoid problems of incompatibility – because our people and products are involved at every stage in the value chain.

BONDERITE® products cover all applications, from easy-to-use one-component liquid cleaners through to more sophisticated systems where surfactants are dosed separately to boost cleaning efficiency on demand. BONDERITE® products can be applied by dipping the strip into a solution, or via spray or brush mode, and in electrolytic processes.

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