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Cold rolling

Optimizing the cold rolling process.
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Cold rolling and galvanizing process

Steel coil is an incredibly versatile material that is used across a wide range of industries. BONDERITE® offers a portfolio of innovative solutions that enable optimized cold rolling process flows for producing steel coil. This broad and adaptable product range reflects the fact that cold rolling processes are very different depending on the specific final product that the material will be used for.

In all cases, cold rolling is a vitally important process step that makes it possible to add valuable metallurgical qualities to the steel coil. Whether a company is aiming to deliver steel coil for making metal packaging, sheet applications for industry, automotive parts, electrical steel or Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS grades), it is essential to optimize the cold rolling process – to get the best possible surface quality in terms of parameters including flatness, strip surface, roughness and thickness tolerances.

Electrical steel presents particularly tough challenges for rolling, and Henkel’s solutions have achieved excellent results for customers producing grain-oriented (GO) electrical steel, as well as non-grain oriented (NGO) electrical steel that is gaining popularity for applications related to electromobility.

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Pickling process

Companies around the globe trust BONDERITE® to provide innovative and sustainable solutions. This is the first step before cold rolling operations and has a decisive impact on the later steps in the process – and the properties of the final product.

Pickling inhibitors from BONDERITE® enable better pickling with a brighter and more homogeneous surface. Our solutions do not cause hydrogen embrittlement. Inhibitors from BONDERITE® lead to a cleaner strip surface, with reduced negative effects from over-pickling. These technologies are also able to reduce iron loss by an amount that saves more money than the cost of purchasing our inhibitors. Alongside these improvements in quality and efficiency, our range of pickling inhibitors for cold rolling also contributes to sustainability by decreasing the amount of metal in wastewater and other industrial waste fluids.

In addition, BONDERITE® offers advanced additives for the rinsing stage for cold rolling. These high-impact products also lead to cleaner surfaces that are brighter and more homogeneous. By controlling re-oxidation, they improve surface quality while reducing steel losses due to stains and reoxidation during short line stops.

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Cold rolling oils

Cold rolling processes for steel coil rely on high-speed mills and excellent final strip quality. Cold rolling oils from BONDERITE® enable these conditions – and offer further benefits too. The formulas for our innovative oils are optimized to provide outstanding lubrication while controlling friction in the roll byte. They enable high-speed rolling, lower forces and decreased roll wear, while also reducing energy consumption and ensuring the highest possible levels of surface quality and process productivity. At the same time, they are designed to avoid potential rolling problems or defects such as heat scratches due to lack of lubrication or slipping marks caused by over-lubrication. This cuts waste from scrap material and helps to boost efficiency for cold rolling.

In addition, oils are emulsified to provide a cooling effect that dissipates energy from rolling to maintain the optimal temperature for the work rolls and the strip. BONDERITE® rolling oils offer excellent evaporation properties and are easy to clean with no sticky residues.

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Specially adapted cold rolling oils

Every oil formulation that we provide is specially adapted for the specific mill where it will be used. This reflects the unique characteristics of the mill and the emulsion system, as well as the customer’s individual requirements and targets. Our experts work closely with every customer to develop, test and optimize the best possible cold rolling oil – and deliver the highest levels of quality, efficiency, safety and sustainability.

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