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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Steel components

In steel components, manufacturers have a range of challenges to solve. Collaborative material innovations help improve product performance while reducing costs, increasing efficiency and reliability, advancing sustainability, and meeting regulatory requirements.

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is the largest

component of steel.


consumer of steel

is the housing and construction sector.


world demand

for steel in construction projects.

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Upgrade your standards

Henkel’s longstanding expertise and innovative portfolio in cleaners, metal pretreatments, and coatings, help manufacturers of steel components and jobbers improve materials and manufacturing processes. With industry know-how and tailored solutions, Henkel and its BONDERITE® technologies drive efficiency and reliability while advancing sustainability.

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    How to maximize potential cost savings

    When producing parts made of steel, aluminum or other metals, it is impossible to avoid soiling in the form of oil, oxides or dust. This white paper explores a new alternative sustainable cleaning methodology.
  • Cold rolled steel coil in storage area at a steel industry plant

    A chromium-free future for the metals industry

    This white paper explains how chromium-free metal coil solutions deliver outstanding efficiency and performance of coatings – and six key reasons why companies should switch to chromium-free conversion coatings now.
  • metal pretreatment expert leaning on whiteboard

    Greater efficiency in metal pretreatment

    Customers are seeking to identify potential savings in order to optimize processes as well as meet their customer’s expectations with regard to sustainability and efficiency. In this white paper we show you how to make it happen.


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Cleaning and degreasing

A broad range of BONDERITE® cleaners help metal processors increase efficiency and lower operating costs. 

They are simple and efficient to use while significantly advancing environmental sustainability. A complete range of alkaline, neutral and acidic cleaners cover every cleaning requirement across maintenance, process, industrial, and specialty applications.

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Pickling is a surface treatment where a corroded metal substrate is treated with a pickling solution, usually a liquid or a gel.  Pickling can be done by immersion, spraying, circulation in place (CIP) and removes oxides, corrosion, flash rust, weld discoloration, and scale from metal surfaces so they don‘t impede paint adhesion or other processes.

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Zinc phosphating

The zinc phosphate coating process applied by spray or immersion is a trusted pretreatment designed to prepare metal surfaces for painting by providing an excellent foundation that promotes paint adhesion and corrosion protection. Henkel also offers nickel-free phosphate products for a more eco-friendly process.

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Iron phosphating

Iron phosphate coating prepares ferrous metals for painting or powder coating by removing all traces of oil, rust or scale, creating the ideal bonding surface and inhibiting subsequent corrosion even on scratched painted surfaces. Immersion and spraying are the most common treatment methods and benefits include simplicity, flexibility, lower processing costs, and fewer operations.

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New generation coatings

Zirconium-based coatings represent the latest evolution in coating technology. They can create beautiful, hard-wearing, long-lasting, flexible finishes.  In addition, nano-ceramic coatings have significant benefits such as process efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and minimal effect on the environment.

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Corrosion protection

Corrosion protection solutions form a barrier between the metal substrate and the corrosive elements in the environment such as oxygen, humidity, salts, and temperature. Temporary corrosion protection can also help with lubrication and cleaning.

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Autodeposition process

BONDERITE® M-PP is a revolutionary autodeposition coating for the best protection of complex steel components. It is especially suited for vulnerable areas such as cavities or sharp metal edges.  In a neutral salt spray test (NSS), the process resists corrosion for 1000 hours and can be used as a stand-alone system or as a primer before a top coat.

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