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Steel with style, thanks to innovative pretreatments

Innovative steel pretreatments from BONDERITE® offer outstanding corrosion protection, efficiency and sustainability – and could soon be available in a range of eye-catching colors!
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If you produce steel parts, you know that applying anti-corrosion coatings can involve multiple steps while consuming a lot of energy and generating waste. A state-of-the-art autophoretic process from BONDERITE® is now empowering people across the metal industry to switch to shorter, more efficient and more sustainable approaches for protecting steel. And researchers are now working on coatings in a range of vibrant colors that reduce the amount of topcoat paint needed…

BONDERITE® MPP is a range of direct-to-metal corrosion coatings for steel parts. Initially introduced for automotive components, it’s now used for applications ranging from trucks through to electrical cabinets and domestic radiators. How does it work? Put very simply, cleaned steel parts enter the autophoretic tank and a chemical reaction applies the coating. The parts then go into the drying oven to remove water and apply a film. That’s it. Finished.

This quick and easy application empowers our customers to cut their process footprint. It also contributes to sustainability because it involves lower temperatures and fewer process steps than traditional approaches, which reduces consumption of energy and water. Its water-based formula is free of VOCs and hazardous substances. Salt-spray tests have shown that it can provide corrosion protection for up to 1,000 hours.

Now more colorful (and greener) than ever

Our team of innovators recently achieved an additional important breakthrough by finding a way of adding color to the coating. This means BONDERITE® MPP could also reduce the amount of topcoat paint needed, which would make the whole process quicker, cheaper and more efficient – and contribute to sustainability by saving resources.

Customers are usually able to integrate our autophoretic process into their current workflow easily when adapting their existing process. Of course, technical experts from Henkel are ready to provide all necessary support. We’re passionate about sharing our many decades of experience from across industries to unlock the full potential of our solutions.

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Stories that inspire

We listen to our customers – and now you can listen to them too! We’re inviting people from across the metal pretreatment industry to sit on our BONDERITE® Chair and tell their stories about using our products to improve quality, efficiency and sustainability. Experts from Henkel will also feature in interviews to provide deep insights into our technologies. The chair has aluminum sides and a steel seat that was coated with technologies from our portfolio.

Watch out for updates on our website, LinkedIn page and other channels.


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