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New generation coatings

The smart new generation of cleaner-coaters which are efficient and sustainable.
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Efficiency and sustainability are very closely linked in the metals industry. Decreasing energy consumption can reduce emissions, while cutting waste can help to protect the environment. But truly smart solutions must support sustainability while also boosting performance and quality. The next-generation portfolio of BONDERITE® cleaner-coaters is a powerful example of how innovative technologies can make a positive impact on the manufacturing process, the end product, and the planet.

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Until now, cleaner-coaters have typically involved technologies based on iron-phosphate. These solutions are applied in a bath at around 60 degrees Celsius, which uses a lot of energy to heat up. The process generates waste that requires time-consuming maintenance, such as sludge and wastewater that contains phosphorous. And these old-generation cleaner-coaters offer limited paint adhesion and corrosion protection for metal surfaces.

Next-generation cleaner-coaters from Henkel offer a significant upgrade in all of these areas. BONDERITE M-NT 41040, for example, is a zirconium-based and phosphate-free alternative to the standard technologies described above. It offers excellent cleaning properties and corrosion protection, while also supporting sustainability because it is free from heavy metals and saves energy throughout the application process.

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Efficient and effective

BONDERITE M-NT 41040 is a surface treatment liquid for spraying on to metals including iron, aluminum and zinc, as well as their mixed-metal alloys. It can be applied at room temperature, which saves energy – cutting the related costs and emissions. This significantly reduces sludge and enables shorter processes that enhance productivity.

The low weight of the zirconium coating leverages nano technology to create beautiful, hard-wearing, long-lasting and flexible finishes. This is proven to provide better paint adhesion for metals, while also improving the protective performance against corrosion.

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Metal messages

Companies from across the global metals industry are now using next-generation cleaner-coaters from BONDERITE® to improve performance and quality – while supporting sustainability too. These technologies were also used to create our BONDERITE® Chair, which is at the heart of our “BONDERITE® goes around the world” program.

Customers from a diverse range of industries are taking a seat on this eye-catching chair and telling first-hand stories about using our innovations to improve quality, efficiency and sustainability. Experts from Henkel will also feature in interviews to provide deep insights into our technologies.


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