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Chrome-based conversion coatings

Improved corrosion protection properties of light metal surfaces.
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This is a image showing functional coatings light metal finishing chrome based.

Aluminum chromate conversion - high corrosion protection

Chromate conversion coatings are used to passivate metals using an immersion bath process. The coating is primarily applied as a corrosion inhibitor, primer, decorative finish or to retain electrical conductivity.

BONDERITE® chromate conversion coatings for aluminium are acid, liquid and powder products developed specifically for aluminum conversion coatings. Your manufacturing operations will benefit from the simplified coating processes and the highest standards in corrosion protection and paint adhesio

Aluminum chromate conversion process

As part of the aluminum pre-treatment process, conversion is an integral step in the overall manufacturing process and especially prior to painting. After a specific preparation cycle, the conversion coating creates deposits on chromium and aluminum salts, which increase corrosion resistance to atmospheric conditions, while improving paint bonding. Chromate conversion coatings provide excellent protection for unpainted aluminum and substantially improve paint adhesion.

The coatings are applied using conventional spray or dip processing equipment. The usual stages in the process: cleaning, rinsing, treatment with BONDERITE® chromate conversion coating, rinsing and drying. Once dried, the coated item is ready for use, but can also be painted. The unpainted colour may vary from yellow to brown depending on the coating thickness. Henkel’s experienced team has developed specific coating products for different alloys and different functional finishes.

The large range of applications ensures a wide variety of high quality Al alloy coatings. The key advantage of Henkel’s liquid products is automatic dosing equipment, which makes life easy for workers, increasing safety and keeping them healthy.

The image showing the chromating and chrome-free process sequences.

Benefits of BONDERITE® aluminum chromate conversion coating

BONDERITE® chromate conversion coatings for bare metal protection and unpainted aluminum parts offer excellent corrosion protection, which in turn leads to superior performance. Your manufacturing operations benefit from the combination of reliable and sustainable coating processes and improved product characteristics.

Specific benefits of chromate conversion coatings for the aluminum industry


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