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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Light metals, bright future

The metals industry witnesses a surge in demand on aluminum and its alloys, fueled by eMobility and sustainability trends. BONDERITE®'s light metal solutions enable producers to seize these opportunities by streamlining pretreatment processes.
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Everybody in the metals industry knows about the growing popularity of aluminum and its alloys. This development is being driven by the rise of eMobility, as well as the constant search for lighter metal parts and the global megatrend for sustainability. From the transport sector through to metal packaging or the construction industry – companies want lightweight metals that offer outstanding performance and open up new design possibilities.

The BONDERITE® range of light metal finishing solutions is empowering metals producers to turn these mega trends into big opportunities. Our functional coatings and surface treatments make it possible to reduce the number of steps involved in metal pretreatment, which can improve efficiency, cut costs and boost sustainability.

Light metal is the right choice

Which alloys are arriving on the market? How will they be recycled? What about cast alloys? Our scientific experts have a deep understanding of exactly how sustainability affects aluminum. If you’re looking for a trusted partner who can provide technical insights that give your company a competitive advantage, then you’re looking for Henkel.

Our BONDERITE® M-NT portfolio, for example, shows how our innovations create sustainable value. It’s a range of coatings that is specifically designed for aluminum and mixed-metal substrates, and offers best-in-class corrosion resistance with very good adhesion properties. It can also be applied at lower temperatures than traditional alternatives, which reduces energy consumption – cutting costs and decreasing the related CO2 emissions.

At all times, a global team of technical experts from Henkel is available to provide assistance and support. We have many decades of experience from across industries and we’re passionate about the positive impact that we make with our portfolio.

Our customers have first-hand experience of how our technologies improve quality, efficiency and sustainability. That’s why we’re giving them a platform to share their stories by sitting on our BONDERITE® Chair. It features a seat made of steel and two side panels made of aluminum – which have been treated with our solutions for light metals, of course. So watch out for updates on our website, LinkedIn page and other channels.

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    The BONDERITE® journey begins

    Through a special chair's journey, Henkels shares the story of our surface treatments, aiming to inspire industry enthusiasts globally.

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