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Semiconductor packaging

Packaging is a crucial determinant of power, performance and cost. New packaging requirements--thinner wafers, smaller footprints, package integration, 3D designs and wafer-level technology--deliver higher performing microelectronics. Cutting-edge materials enable wirebond and advanced semiconductor packaging applications.

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At a glance


By 2026

Market share of wirebond and advanced packaging1.



Of advanced packaging is fan-out wafer-level packaging2.



Connection density with wafer-level integration3.

Enabling electronic miniaturization

Automotive, communications, and data centers demand more performance from semiconductor technology. As size decreases, performance must increase. Henkel materials are helping elevate semiconductor packaging to meet these needs.

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Die attach: printable b-stage

Printable die attach materials provide a viable alternative to standard die attach paste processes, allowing the application of adhesive at the wafer-level.

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Die attach paste

Strong die-to-substrate and die-to-die bonds are the foundation of robust semiconductor packages.

This an image showing die attach paste.

Protection of ICs, particularly as dimensions continue to shrink and more direct chip attach is incorporated, is critical for long-term semiconductor device reliability.

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Die attach film

Die attach film adhesives have become essential for the production of next-generation semiconductor packages.

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Wirebond semiconductor packaging

Wirebonding is a stronghold of semiconductor technology, providing flexibility and cost advantages within an established infrastructure. New automotive applications are fueling growth in wirebond packaging.

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Wafer level encapsulation

Wafer-level packaging applications have seen explosive growth as they continue to be key enablers of innovation in mobility products, consumer electronics, data processing and IoT applications, among others.

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EMI shielding

The convergence of advanced RF communication capability, miniaturization and package-level integration underscore the requirement for novel approaches to EMI shielding.

This is an image showing EMI shielding.

Higher I/O counts, package integration and tighter bump pitches are dictating the use of flip-chip technology to enable advanced package designs.

This is an image showing underfill applied.
Lid and stiffener attach

Advanced flip-chip technology and heterogeneous integration are key enablers of high-performance computing, driving new levels of processing power for desktops, data center servers, autonomous driving systems, and more.

This is an image showing the solution lid and stiffener attach.

Advanced semiconductor packaging

Advanced packaging techniques meet intensifying demands for applications like flip chip, wafer-level packaging, and memory 3D TSVs. With miniaturized form factor and processing power, advanced packaging enables system level integration, higher functionality, and faster performance.

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