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Enabling smaller, faster electronics

Semiconductors and their novel packaging designs are digitizing our world. From automobiles to data centers, smartphones and 5G infrastructure, semiconductor packaging innovation is at the core of responsive, reliable, robust electronic functionality. That means semiconductors must deliver higher performance, smaller size, unfailing reliability and lower cost.

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In 2022

Worldwide semiconductor sales1


By 2030

Semiconductor market size2


Of Semiconductors

Used in computing, communications, and automotive3

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Next-gen capabilities in miniaturized electronics

Semiconductor performance must do more in smaller, intricate, packaging designs. Innovative materials are enabling semiconductors to deliver next-gen capabilities across data centers, telecommunications, and automotive industries.

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Higher performance in smaller size

New requirements, such as mobile electronics, demand higher performance in smaller semiconductor packages. Material innovations enable packaging architectures and manufacturing efficiencies in areas such as thinner wafers, smaller footprints, finer pitches, package integration, 3D designs, wafer-level technology.

Unfailing reliability

Semiconductor technologies power communications, vehicles, and other critical applications, mandating unfailing reliability. From die-attach adhesives for wirebond packaging to advanced underfills and encapsulants for advanced packaging, cutting-edge materials and global support help microelectronic companies meet rising demands.

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Meeting AI and HPC requirements

Artificial intelligence (AI) and high performance computing (HPC) are escalating semiconductor performance requirements. Advanced materials help meet next-level needs and enable AI and HPC applications across industries and in data centers.


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