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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies


At the forefront of surface technology and process solutions, BONDERITE® delivers a competitive edge in the industrial manufacturing marketplace. Unlock the potential for excellence as our innovative solutions redefine your manufacturing capabilities, propelling your business forward.

Image for car being dipped into surface treatment thin film.
Aluminum Cans transfer on Conveyor Belt System.

Innovative and sustainable solutions

As a leader in surface expertise and process technologies, BONDERITE offers advanced solutions for metal forming, machining, cleaning, coating, and surface treatments. Our range of innovations and sustainable fluids ensure your goals are being met.

From micron-thin coatings to process flooding, we deliver to meet your lightweighting, cost efficiency, and sustainability goals. Henkel combines unparalleled technology, process expertise, and equipment support to deliver end-to-end success, from raw materials to the final product. Learn more about BONDERITE solutions and embrace innovation while optimizing performance and sustainability.

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Featured industries

  • Automotive

  • Metals

  • Packaging and converting

  • Transportation

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Bonderite goes around the world.


Our comprehensive BONDERITE portfolio emerges as a frontrunner in crafting supremely efficient cleaning and machining solutions that provide effective safeguarding against deterioration.

Product range

Beverage Cans in Production Line


BONDERITE lubricants offer excellent results for a wide range of metal forming applications. Engineered for efficiency, our lubricant range ensures robust processes with swift cycles. Furthermore, our revolutionary PULS technology reduces processing time, eliminates hazardous materials, and enhances tool longevity – a trifecta that drives down processing costs.

Close up of a drill head drilling metal part with cutting fluid splashes.

Machining fluids and cleaners

Developed with cutting-edge innovation, our BONDERITE machining fluids offer a 70% reduction in coolant consumption, elevated tool lifespan, and impeccable part cleanliness. Sustainability takes center stage with Henkel's coolant lineup, featuring boron-free alternatives that align with rigorous environmental benchmarks. While our neutral and alkaline cleaners provide corrosion protection, lasting biostability, impeccable performance, and low foaming converge – even amid high-pressure conditions.

Truck car body dipped in surface treatment bath

Surface treatments

From zinc phosphate to thin film conversion coatings, our broad surface treatment portfolio provides effective protection against corrosion and deterioration. Witness the efficiency of our Thin Film Process that not only consumes less energy but also reduces waste and water usage and is suitable for all metals. Our specialized light metal pretreatment solutions offer passivation and enhance various light-metal components. To seal anodized aluminum, our highly effective, two-step anodizing sealing solution improves anti-corrosion performance and doesn’t impact the thickness of the anodizing oxide. Ideal for fully assembled components, our MPP process solutions use a autophoretic coating that provides a flexible and impact-resistant coating.

LineguardX: smart monitoring and process control

Designed for remote monitoring and predictive maintenance, BONDERITE LineguardX is an innovative manufacturing execution system (MES) that offers enhanced control and continuous monitoring of coating systems. There are many benefits to detecting potential risks early, such as improving quality standards, reducing scrap rates, and minimizing unnecessary downtimes.

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