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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies


The road to progress

As it faces new pressing challenges, the transportation landscape is quickly and constantly changing. By partnering with Henkel, manufacturers, suppliers, operators and regulators can better serve a society that is pushing for faster, cheaper, and more sustainable options for work and public transportation vehicles.

This is an image of the train in the US overground.

At a glance


reduced cost

Lighter, electric tractors had 33% reduced cost compared to conventional.1


of customers

are willing to spend more money to travel sustainably.2


of greenhouse gas emissions

Heavy-duty vehicles are the second-largest contributor to GHG in the U.S.3

Explore our Transportation solutions

  • Specialty vehicles

  • Mass transit

Greener solutions

With a holistic approach to the vehicle lifecycle, Henkel supports sustainable material use, advances debonding and surface treatments, and aids in the green transformation of transportation. A key partner, Henkel promotes lightweighting, minimized welding, automated integration, and the adoption of alternative fuels, propelling the industry forward.

This is an image of rail tracks on a sunset.
This is an image showing heavy equipment being transported.

From collaboration to innovation

Henkel strives to make innovation instinctive in a challenging category. Customers seek experienced partners with broad portfolios, a strong supply chain, and collaborative spirit. Henkel introduces application innovations and facilitates change through data-driven modeling, showcasing the benefits of modernizing processes.

People move faster when you put them first

Successful transportation companies prioritize end-user needs. Growing demands for smarter, greener, cleaner, and safer vehicles drive customer preferences. Henkel, with structural bonding and thermal management solutions, empowers customers to align with the pace of human progress, delivering vehicles that enhance lives and productivity.

This is an image showing different vehicles on the motorway.
This is an image of a recreational vehicles parked in a meadow.

Recreational vehicles application guide

Find out about Henkel's customizable adhesive solutions supporting RV manufacturers in advancing lightweighting, aerodynamics, durability and sustainability.


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