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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Mass transit

Regulators, operators, manufacturers, and suppliers must now respond to the needs of people who want to see the mass transportation they use demonstrate a real commitment to innovation, sustainability, and customer centricity. With our history and experience in transit, vehicle experts can help you find ways to optimize the manufacturing processes and drive down costs, reduce weight, increase durability, and improve reliability for trains and buses.

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At a glance


times more efficient

On average, trains are at least 12 times more energy efficient per passenger than air travel.1


trains market

In 2023, this market should reach $129.9B.2


buses market

This market is projected to reach $20.84B in 2023.3

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Bonding lighter, faster trains

Elastic bonding has been used for decades in the rail industry to join dissimilar structural materials, including panels, walls, roofs, and floors. Our high-strength structural adhesives replace welds, rivets, and mechanical fasteners to enable assembly of lightweight designs and optimize acoustic performance, which also contributes to overall weight reduction.

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Elastomeric bonding and sealing

Designed to prevent leakage, our robust sealants work effectively on metals, plastics and composites, and can be applied during any phase of vehicle or component assembly.

Structural bonding and assembly

Henkel's wide range of high strength enable the assembly of non-metallic substrates and open new perspectives of lightweight designs.

Window bonding and sealing

Henkel's adhesives bond train windows, simplifying assembly, enhancing safety, and offering primerless adhesion with controlled curing.

Noise, vibration and harshness

Henkel's TEROSON® brand NVH solutions help enhance material properties and minimize audible noises. We provide advanced NVH technologies as well as design and engineering support to our customers.

High-speed train

Rail manufacturers need to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and increase innovation. With our history and experience in the rail industry, Henkel helps rail customers optimize their manufacturing processes, improve efficiency, and reduce overall costs.

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LOCTITE® thread sealants prevent gas and liquid leakage, suitable for low- and high-pressure applications, forming instant, fully cured seals.

Structural bonding

Elastic bonding transforms bus assembly, offering lightweight design, cost savings, and alternatives to traditional methods.


LOCTITE® gasketing ensures a perfect seal, reducing flange face corrosion, forming a low-pressure seal on assembly, and fully curing in 24 hours.

Seam sealants

Seam sealants, preventing leaks on metals, plastics, composites, work at any transit vehicle assembly phase. Paintable and resistant options available.

Windscreen adhesives

Henkel's high-strength elastomers simplify bus windshield assembly, enhancing safety, torsional stiffness, and waterproofing.


Henkel’s global portfolio of solutions optimizes manufacturing processes for school and transit buses, whether for sidewalls, roofs, hoods, frames, chassis, or doors. Parts big and small stay in place with Henkel’s adhesive solutions.

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